The Missing Puzzle Piece in SCCM 3rd Party Patching Live Free Webinar

The Missing Puzzle Piece in SCCM 3rd Party Patch management webinar is coming soon. This webinar will give you an opportunity interact live with me and ask questions about SCCM third-party patching (with LIVE DEMO).

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Date & Time ▶▶ 23rd Oct -2019 10:00 AM PST


There are different ways to patch third-party applications via SCCM. We will discuss more about those methods in the webinar. Don’t forget to book your seats in the live Webinar from here.

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SCCM 3rd Party Patching

I have three posts which talks about SCCM 3rd party patching process. SCCM supports third-party patching through SCUP integration since many years. New third party patching without SCUP is introduced in the 1806 version.

SCCM Third-Party Patching

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You can register the free webinar to book your seats. This webinar helps to understand the end to end process of patch management.

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1E Nomad
  • How many vendors releases patches as per industry standards?
  • How many of them release patches as new version of the application?
  • How popular third-party products address vulnerabilities in their applications
  • The security risks of avoiding third-party patches
  • Scope of third-party patching in SCCM
  • Managing applications through SCCM
  • How Patch Connect Plus can help
SCCM 3rd Party Patching
SCCM 3rd Party Patching


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