SCCM ConfigMgr vNext TP3 1510 Comes with Windows 10 Servicing and On Prem MDM

Microsoft released next update for SCCM/ConfigMgr vNext (I don’t know whether it would be called SCCM 2016 or something else). This version of  SCCM ConfigMgr TP is 1510, version number is directly linked with Year and month of the release (YYMM = 1510). This update has been successfully installed on my lab environment. The update 1510 for SCCM/ConfigMgr vNext comes with new capabilities like Windows 10 servicing and Wipe and Retire for on-premises mobile device management. More details in the following TechNet link here.

SCCM 2016 Windows 10 Servicing vNext TP3-61

There is new service in SCCM vNext and that is CONFIGURATION MANAGER UPDATE Service. This new service helps SCCM to update  site server and components via new ConfigMgr service model.SCCM 2016 vNext TP3-54

Initially, update was not available in the SCCM console then I bounced back the SMS_Executive service and after some time the update started appearing in the console. As explained SCCM ConfigMgr vNext TP 3 update 1509 here.

SCCM 2016 vNext TP3-42

Right click on the available SCCM vNext (2016 ?) service update from console and select to run prerequisite check. This will run the prerequisites for the updates (latest service update of SCCM) and you can find the status about the monitoring workspace of the console as shown in the screen dumps below. If you select Install Update Pack option, you need to go through the Wizard to upgrade SCCM site server. However, If you run select “Run prerequisite check” option then everything happen in the background:). This time I ran prerequisite check but it didn’t install update. When I looked at hman.log and it gave more details as mentioned below.

There are site server reporting WARNING in prereq check. Setup will not continue..
SCCM 2016 vNext TP3-51
I tried the update again from SCCM console Administration > Cloud Services > Updates and Services – Right clicked on available update 1510 and selected “Retry Installation“. This will you a warning “You are about to retry update pack installation. When you retry installation, the prerequisite warning are ignored“. HMAN.log file also recorded similar kind of messages as you can see below.
SCCM 2016 vNext TP3-52
Created notification file (DB316362-77FC-46C9-9984-1BAEB20615F4.CMI) for ONFIGURATION_MANAGER_UPDATE
Continue configuration manager update as it is configured to ignore prereq warnings.
INFO: Waiting for current site server to be ready to apply update:DB316362-77FC-46C9-9984-1BAEB20615F4
Waiting for the site server to be ready to apply changes
INFO: Successfully started service CONFIGURATION_MANAGER_UPDATE Successfully updated Configuration manager update DB316362-77FC-46C9-9984-1BAEB20615F4 readiness.
INFO: Waiting for CONFIGURATION_MANAGER_SERVICE to be ready to apply update: DB316362-77FC-46C9-9984-1BAEB20615F4  $$<10-15-2015 09:04:25.345-330><thread=2352 (0x930)="">
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\CMUStaging\\DB316362-77FC-46C9-9984-1BAEB20615F4\SMSSetup\ has hash value SHA256:D3356E0295152320D720A17894330D132A63B76D99BDCB03352CFD0947D47A66  $$<10-15-2015 09:04:25.397-330><thread=2352 (0x930)="">
Successfully validated file C:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\CMUStaging\\DB316362-77FC-46C9-9984-1BAEB20615F4\SMSSetup\  $$<10-15-2015 09:04:25.397-330><thread=2352 (0x930)="">
Detected change in for component CONFIGURATION_MANAGER_UPDATE. It will be updated first.  $$<10-15-2015 09:04:25.397-330><thread=2352 (0x930)="">
INFO: Stopping service CONFIGURATION_MANAGER_UPDATE  $$<10-15-2015 09:04:25.397-330><thread=2352 (0x930)="">
Successfully copied file from C:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\CMUStaging\\DB316362-77FC-46C9-9984-1BAEB20615F4\SMSSetup\bin\x64\cmupdate.exe to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\bin\x64\cmupdate.exe  $$<10-15-2015 09:04:27.411-330><thread=2352 (0x930)="">
INFO: Successfully started service CONFIGURATION_MANAGER_UPDATE  $$<10-15-2015 09:04:29.714-330><thread=2352 (0x930)="">
Successfully updated Configuration manager update DB316362-77FC-46C9-9984-1BAEB20615F4 readiness.  $$<10-15-2015 09:04:29.723-330><thread=2352 (0x930)="">
Once hierarchy manager (HMAN) initiated the installation of update pack, we can verify the sitecomp.log for more details. SCCM Site component takes charge of installation and upgrade of site server and all the other SCCM components. What I’ve seen is, it started upgrade using 3 cmd files (climsgs.cmd, provmsgs.cmd and srvmsgs.cmd) located in the folder C:\Windows\System32\smsmsgs.
SCCM 2016 vNext TP3-56
INFO: 'ACNCM2016.NAIR.COM' is a valid FQDN.  $$<10-15-2015 09:20:31.682-330><thread=5864 class="hiddenSpellError" data-mce-bogus="1" pre="" (<span="">0x16E8)>
      Installed file C:\Windows\system32\smsmsgs\srvmsgs.cmd.  $$<SMS_SITE_COMPONENT_MANAGER><10-15-2015 09:20:31.712-330><thread=5864 (0x16E8)>
INFO: 'ACNCM2016.NAIR.COM' is a valid FQDN.  $$<10-15-2015 09:20:31.732-330><thread=5864 class="hiddenSpellError" data-mce-bogus="1" pre="" (<span="">0x16E8)>
      Installed file C:\Windows\system32\smsmsgs\climsgs.cmd.  $$<SMS_SITE_COMPONENT_MANAGER><10-15-2015 09:20:31.754-330><thread=5864 (0x16E8)>
INFO: 'ACNCM2016.NAIR.COM' is a valid FQDN.  $$<10-15-2015 09:20:31.774-330><thread=5864 class="hiddenSpellError" data-mce-bogus="1" pre="" (<span="">0x16E8)>
      Installed file C:\Windows\system32\smsmsgs\provmsgs.cmd.  $$<SMS_SITE_COMPONENT_MANAGER><10-15-2015 09:20:31.776-330><thread=5864 (0x16E8)>
      All files installed.  $$<SMS_SITE_COMPONENT_MANAGER><10-15-2015 09:20:31.777-330><thread=5864 (0x16E8)>
      Starting bootstrap operations...  $$<SMS_SITE_COMPONENT_MANAGER><10-15-2015 09:20:31.777-330><thread=5864 (0x16E8)>
SCCM vNext Site component manager thread  took more than 20 minutes to complete the entire upgrade process for me. After that it promoted me to upgrade the SCCM console to latest version 5.0.8315.1000. SCCM Site server and console version are same 5.0.8315.1000SCCM 2016 vNext TP3-60

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