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Very quick post on Configuration Manager Software Update Group related tip. A patch or Software Update got missed out while creating monthly Software Update Group and Package. How to Add New Patches to Existing Software Update Group?

Now, how to add it to existing Patch Package and Software Update Group?

Existing Software Update Group
Existing Software Update Group

Add New Patches to existing Patch Package

Just need to select that particular patch and download the patch/software update to an existing patch package. Right click on the patch and select “download” then select “existing package”. Done!

Add New Patches to existing Software Update Group

For Software Update Group, it’s more straight forward, no wizard. To add / remove the selected software updates/patches into an existing or already deployed software update group, we need to follow the 2 steps pointed out below.

Need to download the patch and add it to existing package.

If those software updates (patches) are not downloaded then it’s not possible to add those updates into existing Software Update Group. Otherwise, CM 2012 will popup an error message.

Non-Downloaded Software updates can’t be added to a software update group that is deployed.


Right click on the selected software updates (patches) and select “Edit Membership” option.


Add the selected software updates to the following software update group/s.


This will give a list of available software update groups. Need to Select or DESelect the appropriate group.

Select/check the software update (SU) Group if want to ADD software updates to an existing SU group.

Deselect/Uncheck the software update (SU) Group if want to REMOVE software updates from an existing Software Update group.



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