Fix Are you Struggling with SCCM Task Sequence Content Push over WAN

Fix Are you Struggling with SCCM Task Sequence Content Push over WAN. SCCM/ConfigMgr admin’s struggle continues with big content distribution over the WAN, especially when deploying big content associated with a Task Sequence.

Delivery of Task Sequence is always critical for SCCM admins when we’re updating the existing SCCM Task Sequence with new packages or updated boot images etc… So what is so critical in this TS scenario? Until the updated packages are successfully distributed to DP, the  OS deployment, mission-critical migration projects won’t work.

Fix Are you Struggling with SCCM Task Sequence Content Push over WAN?

Task Sequence will not start as dependant packages are not successfully distributed to the respective DPs. Also, your boot image and other package replication should not impact the business-critical WAN traffic, and this could be other business-critical applications like common or something else.

Adaptiva-Onesite-Autostage-Diagram Fix Are you Struggling with SCCM Task Sequence Content Push over WAN
Diagram – SCCM Task Sequence Content Push over WAN

Adaptiva OneSite can radically improve rollout speed and success rates by delivering content to each operating location before deployment. Onesite can help you to forget about the day-to-day worries of SCCM/ConfigMgr. I’ve blogged about this topic here.

Following are the 4 game-changing pre-staging technologies that are part of Adaptiva Onesite. OneSite content push takes the world’s best pre-staging capability to a whole new level. Fix Are you Struggling with SCCM Task Sequence Content Push over WAN

  • Content Push: Pre-stage SCCM content over the WAN to each remote office quickly with no impact to the network with SCCM traffic and SCCM admins are safe.  Pre-stage SCCM content over the WAN at any time without worry; no throttling, no schedule, and no waiting because content travels in free bandwidth and never interferes with business traffic.
  • Content Push for Task Sequences: Content push for task sequences enhances the content push capability to support OSD. Pre-stage extremely large SCCM content related to task sequence such as 25GB+ OS images. The Content Push Policy Settings window Content List tab lets you identify the content you would like to pre-stage (to collections targeted in the General tab).
  • IntelliStage: Intelligently select the best-suited systems for pre-staging, and keep a minimum number of copies of content at every location. OneSite’s IntelliStage automatically selects the best-suited machines at a site on which to cache content. It also improves business continuity by retaining multiple copies of content at each operating location.
  • AutoStage: As an SCCM administrator, we spend a lot of time just entering the specifics of what content goes to where for each SCCM deployment. AutoStage frees up your time by letting you preconfigure pre-staging for different types of content. It automatically pre-stages content to desired locations, by configuring pre-staging for different types of content.


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