Configure SCCM Task sequence Pre-Cache Content – Part 1 Configuration Manager ConfigMgr

Configure SCCM Task sequence Pre-Cache Content – Part 1 Configuration Manager ConfigMgr. For Bulk application change or Operating system upgrade, we use task sequence. User start the Task sequence from SCCM Software center and waits for content download.

This delay always impacts end-user self-service experience with the SCCM software center. Microsoft solution to this is “SCCM Task sequence Pre-Cache Content”. This feature is available starting with SCCM CB 1702. With the Task sequence Pre-Caching feature enabled, installation completes faster. Because contents required for the installation are already cached on the local hard disk.

This is a series of posts as listed below:

  1. How to Configure SCCM Task sequence Pre-Cache Content Part 1
  2. Reporting of SCCM Task sequence Pre-Cache Content – Part 2
In this post, I will describe: -
Server Side - SCCM Task sequence Pre-Cache Content benefits
Server Side - How to configure SCCM Task sequence Pre-Cache Content
Client Side - How SCCM Task sequence Pre-Cache Content works
Console - End Result for SCCM Administrator

Benefits with SCCM Task sequence Pre-Cache Content:

#1 - Reduce Task sequence run time.
#2 - Allows you to pre-cache SCCM package contents during off business hours. 
We can schedule deployment as available during night and allow at least 4 hr. 
for the pre-caching process to complete.
Note 1: Task sequence Pre-Caching feature works only for deployments configured 
as “available”. 
Note 2: Pre-Caching feature start caching contents once deployment available start date/time reach.

How to Enable SCCM Task sequence Pre-Cache Content?

 Follow below steps to enable the feature.

Patch My PC
  • Navigate to Administration > Updates and Servicing > “Features” node of the console. Right click on “Task Sequence content Pre-Caching feature”.
  • Select “Turn On”. Confirm by selecting “Yes”. If Turn On option is not enabled on your console then, you need to enable “Consent to use Pre-Release features
enable Task Sequence content Pre-Caching feature
  • After enabling the Feature and this change replicate to all site hierarchy servers.You can verify smsdbmon.log.
  • CM_UpdateFeaturesStatus” SQL table updated.
Modified trigger definition for Hierarchy Manager (CFD)[CM_UpdateFeaturesStatus_INS_UPD_HMAN]: table CM_UpdateFeaturesStatus(FeatureGuid) on insert,update, file CMF in dir C:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\inboxes\\CFD\
  • After installing the feature, re-open the SCCM console.
  • Right click Task sequence deployment and select properties.
Task sequence deployment properties
  • Enable check box “Pre-download content for this tasks sequence”.
enable Pre-download content for this tasks sequence

Key notes:

  • Pre-cache feature download all package contents referenced in the task sequence with an exception for the OS upgrade step. We will talk about this exception later part of the post.

Example : Task sequence have 10 different driver packages to handle 10 hardware models. Each Task sequence step is configured to install driver based on hardware model condition. Pre-cache feature download all driver packages even though all driver packages are not applicable for the system. Because the condition configured in each task sequence step gets evaluated only at run time.

  • Conditional pre-download is available only for OS upgrade step. Pre-cache feature downloads OS upgrade package only if below condition is true. The condition can be based on 2 values (architectures and language ) at the time of writing this post. In future SCCM release we can expect more supported conditions for Task sequence pre-cache feature.
Pre-download WMI Condition Example:
(Select * from Win32_OperatingSystem where Locale = '0409' and OSArchitecture = '32-bit')
Pre-download WMI Condition Example
  • If User start the TS before all contents are pre-cached. TS will not wait for all contents to pre-cache. TS will fall back to any of the 2 deployment option configured in your deployment as shown below. So, it’s important to allow at least 5 hr. for all the contents to get pre-cached once Task sequence is available for user.
deployment option

How SCCM Task sequence Pre-Cache Content works ?

Lets analyze SCCM client component workflow to pre-cache content by following logs.

  • Verify policyagent.log to confirm whether deployment policy received by computer.
  • Search task sequence deployment ID in policyagent.log
Download of policy CCM_Policy_Policy5.PolicyID="DEP-CHQ20001-CHQ00001-6F6BCC28",PolicySource="SMS:CHQ",PolicyVersion="1.00" completed DTS Job ID:{91696C9D-FB85-4BD8-B163-E20475B3C8F7}
  • Review the log datatransferservice.log to confirm DTS Job completion.
  • Once above DTS job completes then Content access service(CAS) start request to pre cache package contents.
  • Content access service(CAS) verify whether SCCM cache have enough space to accommodate the package download. SCCM client cache size should be able to accommodate the content.
Received request for content CH000001.1, size(KB) 121237, under context System with priority Low. ContentAccess 1/11/2018 1:08:51 PM
CacheManager: There are currently 0 bytes used for cached content items (1 total, 0 active, 1 tombstoned, 0 expired). ContentAccess 1/11/20181:08:51 PM
CacheManager: Grooming cache, target free space size is 124146688 bytes, allow deletion of active items = 'FALSE'... ContentAccess 1/11/20181:08:51 PM
CacheManager: There are currently 0 bytes used for cached content items (1 total, 0 active, 1 tombstoned, 0 expired). ContentAccess 1/11/20181:08:51 PM
CacheManager: Goal free space size for groom operation is 124146688 bytes. cache already has 5368709120 bytes
Content access service (CAS)
  • Location services component will request for Distribution point list. You can verify this activity in locationservices.log
  • LocationServices component provided the Distribution point list for each packages
Distribution Point:'', Locality...
Calling back with the following distribution points
Distribution Point='‘, Locality...
Calling back with locations for location request {0C09FC2C-E964-4F79-87AA-6CE6816FA782}
Calling back with locations for location request {EBZ8A68C-C80D-4817-9A21 -EB4EC017C1 53}
Content access service (CAS.log)
  • ContentTranferManger component will start downloading the contents from the Distribution points list as shown below.
  • Monitor ContentTransferManger.log to track CTM job status.
CTM job {783C2A66-C473-4AED-8D86-2D37D89FDAD9} entered phase CCM_DOWNLOADSTATUS_DOWNLOADING_DATA
CTM job {4BC9808F-1ACF-4AE8-A73C-B9FBOS1 AED9E} successfully processed download completion.
CTM job {788C2A66-C47B-4AED-8D86-2D37D89FDAD9} successfully processed download completion.
CTM job {CC8C1 B1 F-E322-4C36-8ABD-9AE516F8D1EC} successfully processed download completion.
CTM job {FFBDBOZD-5E70-4F7E-947F-C9A5F2A95019} successfully processed download completion.
  • You can keep an eye on datatransfer.log in parallel. You can see the HTTP URL’s accessed by the ContenTranferManager to download each files in the package from the Distribution point.
  • DataTransferManager marked as complete.
  • Content transfer manager (CTM job ) marked as complete
  • Finally, CAS verifies the Hash value for the downloaded package.
DTSJob {825979A2-ADD1-4A6A-A75ACFFSF91FC) in state 'Retrieved Data'.
DTSJob {82597'1A2-ADD 1-4A6A-A546-75ACFFlfF91FC} successfully completed download.
DTSJob {825979A2-ADD·1-4A6A-A 75ACFf BF91 FC} in state 'NotifiedComplete'.
CTMJob {CC8C1B1F-E322-4C36-8ABD-9AE516F8D1EC} successfully processed download completion.
DTSjob {B25979A2-ADD1-4AeA-A545-7SACFF8F91FC} has completed:Status :SUCCESS
Download completed for content CHQ00002 under context System
Hash verification succeeded for content CHQ00002.2 C\Windows\ccmache\3 
CacheManager: ADD new caehe entry for id:CHQ00002 Version :2 Size :217159K RefCount:l LartRef Minutes : 0
CAS.log Hash value verification

Result for SCCM Administrator:

  • 4 Packages cached which referenced in the task sequence as shown below.
  • User is yet to start the Task sequence from Software center.
Pre-cached task sequence
  • At the time of writing this post, there is no SCCM native feature to find Task sequence pre-caching status. In my second blog post 2 we will see how to achieve this.

9 thoughts on “Configure SCCM Task sequence Pre-Cache Content – Part 1 Configuration Manager ConfigMgr”

  1. Hi, thanks for the post. It is great article!
    I was really surprised that all packages already presented in th ccmcache folder. It is really nice.
    I have a question:
    If package already presented in the cache folder, I`ve changed one of them .Is package going to be updated before installing?

    • I didnt tested that scenario.
      But i think it will download again.Each SCCM Package have a hash value associated.SCCM client will download new content if it observe any mismatch with the cached content and the actual source.

  2. Hello Vimal
    Thank you for sharing valuable post.
    I have doubt about Pre-download WMI Condition,
    I think condition for download is not checked in Task Sequence condition as you mentioned above.
    For example :- (Select * from Win32_OperatingSystem where Locale = ‘0409’ and OSArchitecture = ’32-bit’)

    for conditional download required Package ==> Data Source tab for matching criteria on the OS Architecture/Language

    Could you please confirm?

  3. Hi Vimal,
    thanks for this very helpful post.
    I’m experiencing strange results during my tests with SCCM 1906:
    Sometimes a client starts downloading right after receiving the advertisement, sometimes it justs sits there for hours and doesn’t start downloading at all (nothing in ContentTransferManager.log).
    The TS advertisement is shown in Software Center. Did you ever experience something like this?
    Any ideas where to look?

  4. Thanks for a very informative post, I had a couple of question to follow.
    1. Will this content download with ADAPTIVA for content download?
    2. If the TS is deployed with content pre-caching, will this only be available after the content is downloaded or asap after deployment?

  5. Hello Vimal,

    We are trying pre cache option and we have deployed task sequence to collection, till here it is fine and users are installing it,

    Now when we deploy to the collection and user receives policy and he will get popup “New Software available ” here users are checking in the software center and they are going and starting the task sequence without content gets downloaded

    We are trying to suppress that “new software available” popup until all the task sequence content gets downloaded and once the content is downloaded users need to get that popup,

    Please let us know if we can achieve this scenario


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