Tips App is getting Removed from Windows

The Tips App is getting Removed from Windows. It is now deprecated and will be removed in an upcoming Windows release. Although this app will eventually be phased out, its content will continue to receive updates to provide users with valuable information about new Windows features until its removal.

Why the Microsoft Tips app is going away soon? Maybe it’s because they have a new feature called Copilot for Windows, which uses advanced AI to help with all sorts of Windows stuff. So, they might be replacing the Tips app with something even better.

Windows users should be aware of this change and stay tuned for future announcements on how Microsoft will deliver helpful tips and insights without the Tips app. It is a handy app that helps you to provide a wealth of information on tips, tricks, and all you need to know about the latest updates to the operating system.

The Tips app is a helpful feature within Windows. This app is a valuable resource for users seeking to make the most out of their Windows experience. It offers insights and guidance on how to navigate and utilize various features effectively.

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Windows 11 VBScript Removal Announcement

Starting in October 2023, VBScript will no longer receive support. Furthermore, as of September, WordPad is no longer for updates and is set to be removed in a future release of Windows. The Webclient WebDAV service, previously a significant feature in Windows, has now been officially deprecated by Microsoft.

What are Microsoft Tips on Windows?


Microsoft Tips is an app on Windows 10 that provides users with valuable information, tips, tricks, and updates about the Windows operating system.

What kind of Information can I Find in Microsoft Tips?


In Microsoft Tips, you can discover tips and tricks to enhance your browsing experience with Microsoft Edge, learn about Cortana, and explore various ways to personalize and customize your Windows experience.

What are the Advantages of the Tips App on Windows?


Tips app in Windows serves as a valuable resource to users. It helps you to make the most out of your Windows experience and empowers them to use the operating system more effectively and efficiently. The following are the advantages of the Tips app on Windows.


1. Quick Access to Helpful Information
2. Stay Updated with the Latest Features
3. User-Friendly Interface
4. Offline Accessibility
5. Customization and Personalization Tips
6. Efficient Problem-Solving tool
7. Enhanced Productivity and Efficiency

Tips App is getting Removed from Windows

Microsoft Tips app helps users to provide the latest information, tips, and tricks related to Windows. It allows users to stay informed about new features and functionalities. When you open the Tips app, you will find yourself on the Welcome page.

This page is like your starting point for getting quick tips, watching videos, and learning cool things you might not have known about the latest updates to Windows.

Note! – The Tips app is deprecated and will be removed in a future release of Windows. It’s going to be taken out in a future update. But don’t worry; the Tips app will still add new information about the cool things you can do in Windows until it’s gone.

Tips App is getting Removed from Windows - Fig.1
Tips App is getting Removed from Windows – Fig.1

Microsoft made the Tips app for different versions of Windows over many years. They introduced this version in Windows 10, and you could also download it from the Microsoft Store. Even when people upgraded to Windows 11, they could still use the app.

Tips App Welcome Page NotificationAvailable Tips
What’s New7 Tips
Get started with Windows 108 Tips
Tips for Search3 Tips
Windows keyboard shortcuts7 Tips
Tips for remote learning6 Tips
Windows tips17 Tips
Office tips8 Tips
Tips App is getting Removed from Windows – Table 1
Tips App is getting Removed from Windows - Fig.2
Tips App is getting Removed from Windows – Fig.2

The Tips app was like a handy guide for learning about Windows. It had tips, tutorials, and even videos to help you out. They kept it updated with the latest features they added to Windows. If you have a Windows PC, especially one like Microsoft’s Surface devices, the Tips app could teach you how to use specific features.

Tips App is getting Removed from Windows - Fig.3
Tips App is getting Removed from Windows – Fig.3

We don’t know the exact day Microsoft will take away the Tips app. It might happen as soon as next Tuesday, November 14. That’s also when Microsoft usually does their monthly update event for Windows and other software.

Tips App is getting Removed from Windows - Fig.4
Tips App is getting Removed from Windows – Fig.4

Windows 10 Tip: See what’s new in Windows with the Microsoft Tips app | Windows Experience Blog

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