How to Upgrade Windows Phone to Window 10 Insider

Are you interested to test the preview version of Windows 10 on your Windows Phones? So “how to” install Windows 10 preview version on Windows Phone? You just need to install an application called “Phone Insider” from Windows Phone website here. The name of Phone Insider application is now changed to “Windows Insider“. I’m afraid you won’t find this application in Windows Store until Microsoft releases preview of Windows 10 (for mobile devices). But you can install it on your windows phone from the above mentioned link.


The Windows Insider application provides registered Insiders the ability to receive pre-release OS updates on their phone, directly from Microsoft.

1) How to upgrade Windows phone to Windows 10?

You need to register as Windows Insider visit for more details.

Windows 7 to 10 Upgrade - 0-2

2) You can search for “Phone Insider” in your mobile browser. When you search for Windows Insider rather than Phone Insider then you will get some other app. Probably this will get changed in few days.


3) Tap on this link  to get Windows Insider application from your Windows phone. I’ve downloaded the application and installed it. The current version of Windows Insider mobile app is V !



4) Tap on the view button (as you can see in the above screen capture) on your Windows phone to launch the application. You can see there is an option to check for preview builds (get preview builds) !


5) Tap on “get preview builds” and check whether there is any Windows 10 preview build available for that particular phone. Probably, Microsoft will release a preview Windows 10 for Mobiles in February 2015. There is no build available for my phone Lumia 530. You will get the following details in the screen if no build is available for your phone.


6) You can keep checking the availability of Windows 10 preview for your WP with the help of Windows insider application !!

Windows Insider App

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