Windows 11 Family Safety Widget

Microsoft added a new widget called family safety widget into Windows 11. Microsoft introduced a family safety widget option with the Windows 11 build version 22000.120. Let’s understand why the Windows 11 this widget is important for new generation consumers of Windows.

Microsoft is trying to reimagine the family experience with Windows 11. You can see modern families come in all sizes and locations. Microsoft is trying to help family members to keep kids safer online, have fun together, and stay connected.

You can read the following guide to learn more about Add or Remove Windows 11 Widgets Button on Taskbar Easy Option. Do you like using Widgets in Windows 11? Let me know in the comments?

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How to Add Family Safety Widget into Windows 11

Let’s see how to add additional widgets. As mentioned above, there are seven widgets options available in Windows 11. The latest one introduced is the Family Safety-related activities in widgets.

  • Click on the Widgets icon from the taskbar.
  • Open Widgets.
  • Click or tap on the “Add widgets” button.
  • Choose the Family Safety+ widget to add an entertainment button.
Windows 11 Family Safety Widget
Windows 11 Family Safety Widget 3

The new Family Safety widget gives you quick access to setup the recommended family safety options from Microsoft’s account. Once you complete all the family configurations and added family members, you can use the family safety widget from Windows 11 to see recent activity from your Microsoft family group members.

I have not configured the family safety options from the Microsoft account, which is why I can’t see any activities in the widgets ->

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Windows 11 Family Safety Widgets
Windows 11 Family Safety Widget


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