ConfigMgr SCCM 2012 Sample Architecture Diagrams and Decision Making Guide

SCCM (ConfigMgr) 2012 Architecture decisions are based on loads of factors it includes requirement gathering, understanding of the existing infrastructure and environment. The design of the SCCM hierarchy is entirely depends upon your network and computing environment along with your business requirements. There is no common design which suites every environment. We can plan to implement Configuration Manager by using the minimal number of servers and the least amount of administration overhead to meet your organization’s goals. I would recommend to use 3rd party tools like Adaptiva Onesite and Microsoft Intune to achieve dynamic requirements of emerging market.


Useful links to help design decisions and implementation of SCCM ConfigMgr 2012 / Intune infrastructure !!

  1. SCCM Version (use the latest version) Requirements (Standalone or Hybrid solution with Intune) more details TechNet
  2. Any requirement of 3rd party tools like Adaptiva Onesite to Eliminate number of remote DPs, MPs etc More Details here
  3. Server OS and Server Component Requirements more details TechNet 
  4. Hardware Requirements and Recommendation for SCCM Site Server, Site Systems more details via TechNet
  5. Infrastructure Remediation Requirements (AD schema extension etc) more details via TechNet
  6. SCCM Language Requirements more details TechNet 
  7. SCCM Feature Requirements and Supported Numbers more details TechNet 
  8. SCCM Site Mode Requirements more details TechNet 
  9. SQL, Site System and Site Server Requirements more details TechNet 
  10. Windows Software Update Service (WSUS) Requirements more details via TechNet
  11. SCCM Backup, Restore and Availability Requirements more details here
  12. SCCM/ConfigMgr 2012 and 2007 High Level Architecture Design Guide here

In the following portion of the post I’m going to share super cool design diagrams of SCCM 2012 Infrastructure. Also a very beautiful comparison of  architectural diagrams with and without 3rd part application Adaptive Onesite. You can easily understand the difference, how Adaptiva Onesite can eliminate the remote SCCM 2012 site servers and how this will help to simplify SCCM hierarchy. I know you’ll love these SCCM architecture design diagrams. All these diagrams are prepared by Adaptiva team to help the ITPro community !!

Sample architectural diagrams of Native SCCM 2012 with CAS server


Removable Remote Site Servers in RED and RED “X” when you implement Adaptiva Onesite

Standalone-DiagramSample architectural diagrams of Native SCCM 2012 with CAS server and Adaptiva Onesite (See, with the help of Adaptiva Onesite, we’ve eliminated loads of remote servers and the end result is very thin SCCM hierarchy)


Sample architectural diagrams of Native SCCM 2012 with Single Primary server 


Removable Remote Site Servers in RED and RED “X” when you implement Adaptiva Onesite

Standalone-Diagram-Single-PrimarySample architectural diagrams of Native SCCM 2012 with Single Primary server and Adaptiva Onesite (See, with the help of Adaptiva Onesite, we’ve eliminated loads of remote servers and the end result is very thin SCCM infrastructure)



All the above diagram/s credit goes to Adaptiva team !!

Following is the sample Architectural design diagram which is available in IPD guide provide by Microsoft. This diagram is for SCCM 2007 not applicable for SCCM 2012.

SCCM Architecture Diagram Latest

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    a. What is recommended hardware configuration for the DPs on client OS?
    b. What all services are required on those DPs? for all other activities except PXE(pretty obviously as there is no WDS).
    c. Can we use PXE/Multicast on the secondary server which has DP on itself? Is there any caveat?
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