4 Free Tools for SCCM ConfigMgr Admins and Community

SCCM/ConfigMgr has an awesome community . This community has contributed towards loads of helpful tools for SCCM admins. In this post, I will cover four free tools which are very helpful in specific scenarios


In this post, I will cover four Free Tools for SCCM/ConfigMgr admins and community. These tools make SCCM admins life better. Have you ever used these ConfigMgr Ticker, Remote Manage, User Device Affinity and User Centric tools? If not, you are wasting loads of time in day to day SCCM/ConfigMgr operations. Here is the chance to automate some of your daily SCCM work. Cireson has provided all these free community tools !

ConfigMgr Ticker – SCCM Ticker – End User Device Notification Tool

The ConfigMgr Ticker app enables SCCM/ConfigMgr Admins to easily create and deliver Notification/announcements/popups from the SCCM Console to end user devices (Real time). This tool can help you to provide notification in real time to all specific clients in the particular collection.Read More about SCCM notification/announcement tool and download from here. Following are the four quick steps:-

1. Create announcement/notification on either a device or user collection
2. Configure text, background colours, and desired font size and enhancements
3. Set the priority and the schedule
4. Send by clicking OK

 SCCM Remote Manage App – Simple Remote Administration

Remote management has always been challenging in huge SCCM environments. In house scripts and applications are not always optimised for all scenarios. SCCM/ConfigMgr Remote Manage App is a toolbox of standard remote functionalities.  Its integration with SCCM/ConfigMgr and allows an SCCM admin to deploy software quickly, run diagnostic processes, view and manipulate services, processes, and view information – all without end-user interaction. Download and read More details about this tool from here.

 User Device Affinity Tool – Makes UDA management Easy

There are over a half dozen ways to associate users to computers via SCCM – some automated, however most manual – which can lead to mistakes. The Cireson User Device Affinity app easily allows an SCCM admin to view and manage the relationships between users and devices. The process has completed outside the SCCM Console, which reduces complexity and confusion. Download and read More details about this tool from here.

SCCM ConfigMgr User Centric app  – Makes App Deployment Easy

The Cireson User Centric – Community app allows you to easily identify which applications are ready for user centric software delivery, and for those that aren’t ready, automatically add the requirement to the application to support user centric software delivery. Download and read More details about this tool from here.


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    Just had a doubt installing this Tool hope it will work only on the machine which we have sccm console installed. Will that also shows on the other machines also who have installed the sccm console 2012
    Please let me know I would like to try..

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