Fix Azure AD Subscription Error We cannot proceed with Signup Due to an Issue with Your Account

I’m a big fan of Azure AD and Azure AD Premium offerings from Microsoft. New Azure AD subscription is not  up to my expectation at times. Several times I faced the following 3 errors when I tried to subscribe to Azure AD and Azure AD Premium. In this post, we will look into the ways how we can get rid of troubles/issues during New Azure AD subscription signup.

-We cannot proceed with Signup Due to an Issue with Your Account
-Verification by phone – We were unable to verify your account
-No subscription found – Before you can start using Microsoft Azure, you need to get a subscription

Here is a video tutorial to know more about the workaround (or solution?) for Azure AD subscription issue !

  1. Microsoft Azure Error We cannot proceed with Signup Due to an Issue with Your AccountAzure_AD_Subscription_4
  2. Azure AD Error – Verification by phoneWe were unable to verify your account. Azure_AD_Subscription_3
  3. No subscription found – Before you can start using Microsoft Azure, you need to get a subscriptionAzure_AD_Subscription_2

All these Azure AD subscription errors are linked. The no subscription error can be because you must be using a different user name and password to login to Azure AD. Try to open Azure AD portal in a private browser.  It seems to me that before activating Azure AD subscription, Microsoft verification team will check the phone number whether there is any active/expired subscription for the mobile number and if it’s there they will not send the authentication code to your mobile. This could be one of the scenario that you will get the error 2 ( Verification by phone – We were unable to verify your account).

In one of the EMS guide here, I read that “NOTE: Signing up for an Azure trial requires that you provide a credit card that has NEVER been used previously to sign up for an Azure subscription to verify your identity. Your credit card will be charged $1.00 initially to prove it is valid. The charge will later be reversed. You may have only one trial account that uses the same billing information. If you already have a valid Azure trial account, you must use that for the labs, or use a different credit card.

In my scenario, the mobile number was used for a different active AAD subscription. However, email id was never used before for any subscription. The solution was to use existing Azure AD subscription and create new directory. Login to Azure portal ( with existing user name and password (of active AAD subscription). Navigate to Active Directory and click on NEW button at the bottom of the screen. If you don’t have a active subscription you may have to raise a support call with Microsoft.


Once you click on NEW button, Navigate via APP Services -> Active Directory -> Directory –> Custom Create. Click on Custom Create button !


Once you click on custom create button, provide the directory and other details (Create new directory, Name and Domain name) on the page called “Add Directory” as you can see in the following picture. Click on RIGHT mark.


Click on the new directory which you just created and navigate to Licenses tab.  Once you are there in AAD licenses tab click on either “Try Azure Active Directory Premium Now” or “Try Enterprise Mobility Suite Now“.


That is it you just activated Azure AD Premium subscription or EMS subscription to newly create Azure AD.

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