FIX for the Error Failed to Process Configuration Manager Update 0x87d20b15


Microsoft released a patch KB 3192616 to add iOS 10 support to SCCM CB hybrid environment. This patch will only be available in SCCM console when your SCCM CB infra is already integrated with Intune. Otherwise you won’t be able to see the hotfix KB 3192616 in your console. I’ve seen this error couple of time in different environments. When I tried to install this patch it failed with following error “[Failed]:Upgrading ConfigMgr database. Check cmupdate.log for details.”. When I checked CMUpdate.log, it was giving me following error 0x87d20b15 (as you can see in the following log snippet).


INFO: File \\?\D:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\inboxes\\shutdown.trn does not exist. No zapping needed. $$<CONFIGURATION_MANAGER_UPDATE><10-03-2016 06:38:00.385-120><thread=12084 (0x2F34)>
Old build 8412 is detected installed $$<CONFIGURATION_MANAGER_UPDATE><10-03-2016 06:38:00.386-120><thread=12084 (0x2F34)>
INFO: Installing Site Component Manager... $$<CONFIGURATION_MANAGER_UPDATE><10-03-2016 06:38:00.387-120><thread=12084 (0x2F34)>
INFO: Installing Site Component Manager under acct <NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM> path <D:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\bin\x64\sitecomp.exe>~ $$<CONFIGURATION_MANAGER_UPDATE><10-03-2016 06:38:00.388-120><thread=12084 (0x2F34)>
INFO: SQL Connection succeeded. Connection: SMS ACCESS, Type: Unsecure $$<CONFIGURATION_MANAGER_UPDATE><10-03-2016 06:38:00.528-120><thread=12084 (0x2F34)>
INFO: Running Post Auto Upgrade script. $$<CONFIGURATION_MANAGER_UPDATE><10-03-2016 06:38:00.528-120><thread=12084 (0x2F34)>
INFO: Starting Site Component Manager... $$<CONFIGURATION_MANAGER_UPDATE><10-03-2016 06:38:00.571-120><thread=12084 (0x2F34)>
INFO: Started Site Component Manager service $$<CONFIGURATION_MANAGER_UPDATE><10-03-2016 06:38:02.600-120><thread=12084 (0x2F34)>
INFO: Site Component Manager installation completed. $$<CONFIGURATION_MANAGER_UPDATE><10-03-2016 06:38:02.600-120><thread=12084 (0x2F34)>
INFO: SQL Connection succeeded. Connection: SMS ACCESS, Type: Secure $$<CONFIGURATION_MANAGER_UPDATE><10-03-2016 06:38:02.602-120><thread=12084 (0x2F34)>
Turned on activation for service broker queue $$<CONFIGURATION_MANAGER_UPDATE><10-03-2016 06:38:02.613-120><thread=12084 (0x2F34)>
Failed to apply update changes 0x87d20b15 $$<CONFIGURATION_MANAGER_UPDATE><10-03-2016 06:38:02.613-120><thread=12084 (0x2F34)>
ERROR: Failed to process configuration manager update. $$<CONFIGURATION_MANAGER_UPDATE><10-03-2016 06:38:02.614-120><thread=12084 (0x2F34)>


Solution :-

Provided the Sys Admin rights to the account called  in SQL management studio. I tried “Retry installation” from SCCM CB updates and servicing. I could see the following information on CMUpdate.log “INFO: Site Component Manager installation completed.” The installation of the patch was successful after providing the Sys Admin rights to NT Authority\System. Another tip is that don’t start the SCCM CB console update until the site component finishes it’s tasks of reinstalling the components. You can monitor this progress from services (check whether the service “SMS_SERVER_BOOTSTRAP” is running or not) otherwise check the log file called sitecomp.log (if you can see the snippets like “Starting service SMS_SERVER_BOOTSTRAP” then wait for that service to complete).


Result :-

After giving the sysadmin access to NT AUTHORITY\System account, the hotfix installation worked very well via SCCM CB updates and servicing.





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