4 thoughts on “FIX Intune Company Portal App Login Issues with Windows 10/11”

  1. Anoop, have you experienced Windows Phone 10 devices losing EAS policy after they are upgraded to Windows Phone 10 1607? We have noticed that some of our phones are being updates over the air by the carrier to Phone 10 1607 and once they receive the update, they begin losing the ability to access their email and none of SCCM Baselines are being applied

  2. We were able to fix this issue adding AAD.brokerPlugin system app on the device. we had couple of devices where AAD broker plugin app was missing, and issue is fixed after adding it by running below command.

    – Check AAD.brokerPlugin app status
    Get-AppxPackage -Name “*AAD.BrokerPlugin*”

    – Command to add the missing app.
    Add-AppxPackage -Register -Path C:\Windows\SystemApps\Microsoft.AAD.BrokerPlugin_cw5n1h2txyewy\AppxManifest.xml -DisableDevelopmentMode

  3. Dear Anoop
    I also have this problem with my company’s network, new employess can’t activate via the M365 Office suite. But if connecting to another network is normal, I should check where in my company’s network, my company uses a firewall Juniper and a load balancer is Peplink devices.
    I really appreciate your reply


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