1 thought on “FIX: Microsoft Store Sign in Error 0x800706d9 on Windows 11 Domain Joined Or Azure AD Joined PCs”

  1. Re: “To fix the Microsoft Store sign in error 0x800706d9, you will need to make sure all the following services are not disabled:” — I must say, this was a “lifesaver” for me! I was not having a problem with the “Microsoft Store” per se. Instead, Office 365 would not allow me to activate it on my PC. So your list of services to ensure have been started was a crucial step in me finally being able to do that. The key for me was to open a program I use called “AMD Fusion Utility” — I use it to set the PC at “Max Performance” to use the X-Plane flight simulator on my PC. When I opened this program, I discovered “a gentleman in a tie” icon was now sitting next to each “power profile” in the program — that showed me that “Microsoft had infiltrated it.” I activated the “Office Productivity” profile which then activated many “deactivated services.” After that, I was finally able to activate my copy of Office 365. I cannot thank you enough for posting your helpful information — it was crucial for me.


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