Windows 11 New Microsoft Store Walkthrough Guide Preview

Let’s check Windows 11 new Microsoft Store (preview) walkthrough guide. I consider the Microsoft Store as a more secure way of installing apps on a Windows PC. Microsoft released the next version of Windows 11 in the insider preview.

The new Microsoft store is going to offer a unique movie discount for Xbox Game Pass members. Microsoft redesigned the Store to make space for more content and better opportunity for developers.

The user experience of the new Microsoft store is simple and responsive. Microsoft supports new application formats:

  • Win32
  • .NET
  • UWP
  • Xamarin
  • Electron
  • React Native
  • Java
  • PWA – Progressive Web Apps

Another exciting feature for rebranded Microsoft Store is the possibility of running Android applications on Windows 11 PCs. This is possible through the Amazon Appstore to Windows 11.

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New Microsoft Store (preview) on Windows 11

The Microsoft store landing page gives you an option to find apps on Windows 11.

Windows 11 New Microsoft Store Walkthrough Guide Preview
Windows 11 New Microsoft Store Walkthrough Guide Preview

Login to Windows 11 Microsoft Store

The Windows 11 logged-in user will automatically be logged into the Microsoft store. The following are the options that you have:

  • Manage account and devices
  • Payment methods
  • Redeem code or gift cards
  • App settings

Store Apps Windows 11 Microsoft Store

You can click on the left sidebar called apps. You can filter to show only apps using the apps option on the left side menu.

Windows 11 Microsoft Store Games

The third option in the Microsoft Store is Games. You can filter the store to show only the Games.


Windows 11 Microsoft Store Library

The other option in the Microsoft store is Library. The library option gives you updates and downloads. You have options to update all applications. Otherwise, you have the option to update individual apps.



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