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Intune policy sets give a user-friendly experience to Intune admins. The screenshots are taken from the Ignite session slides and demos by Paul Mayfield, Terrell Cox, and Micro-Scott.

More details about the session details and recording are in the below section of the post.

Ignite 2019 Coverage

  1. Microsoft Endpoint Management SCCM Intune Windows Updates
  2. Microsoft Endpoint Manager is the future of SCCM Intune MEMMI MEMCM
  3. iOS Android macOS Mobile Enrollment Options with Intune
  4. Basics of Windows Dynamic Update Explained Update Management
  5. WVD End User Experience Availability Updates
  6. MSIX Updates from Ignite Reliability Network Disk-space
  7. Microsoft Learning Certification Exams Updates
  8. On-Prem WVD Options Azure Quantum Qualys Scan Integration
  9. Intune Reporting Strategies Advanced Reporting
  10. Intune Endpoint Security Policies Enhancements
  11. Intune Policy Sets Collection of Workflows

Introduction – Intune Policy Sets

Intune policy sets and guided scenarios are helpful for new admin. They don’t have to search for each function within Microsoft Endpoint Manager/Intune portals. The guided scenarios provide the best admin experience.

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You can use policy sets to:

  • Create Standard configurations
  • Get up and running quickly (less learning curve for non-Intune admins)
  • Group objects that need to be assigned together
  • Assign your organization’s minimum configuration requirements on all managed devices
  • Assign commonly used or relevant apps to all users
  • Collection or group of workflows from Intune
  • Assign to an Azure AD group and report aggregate
Intune Policy Sets
Intune Policy Sets & Guided Scenarios

Intune Policy Set Configurations

Device Management portal (Microsoft Endpoint Manager)

+Create Policy Set
+Create Policy Set

Select the following groups of workflows

  • Application Management
    • Apps – Select one or more apps from the list of available apps
    • App configuration policies – Select one or more Intune App configuration Policies
    • App protection policies – Select one or more Intune APP
Select Intune Policy Set
Select Intune Policy Set
  • Device Management
    • Device configuration profiles – Select device configuration profiles
    • Device compliance policies – Select the compliance policies you want to be part of the policy set
    • Device type restrictions – Select the device type conditions to be part of the policy set
Select Device Management Configurations
Select Device Management Configurations

Select Device Enrollment workflows

  • Windows autopilot deployment profiles
  • Enrollment status page
Device Enrollment
Device Enrollment

Select Azure AD Device or User Groups and complete the Intune policy set assignment.

Policy Sets Assignment
Policy Sets Assignment


  • Microsoft Endpoint Manager, including Microsoft Intune and Configuration Manager –


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