Lets Forget SCCM ConfigMgr LTSB Long Term Servicing Branch Option

Do you know what is SCCM ConfigMgr Long Term Servicing Branch (LTSB)? It’s LTSB version of SCCM ConfigMgr and it provides 5×5 support cycle. Please don’t assume that SCCM ConfigMgr LTSB support is similar to SCCM 2012 and 2007. It’s NOT. Microsoft is promising only security updates for the SCCM LTSB version. I have a separate post which talks about support details of SCCM CB version(s) here. So the big question :- In which scenario, you should install SCCM LTSB? The answer is you must not install SCCM LTSB at all. You should not select “Long Term Servicing Branch” option which you can see in SCCM 1606 setup wizard. Then why did Microsoft release SCCM LTSB? The answer is there in Microsoft blog post itself (read here) and I quote below in a slightly modified way.

“LTSB of ConfigMgr/SCCM is intended for customers who allowed their Software Assurance or equivalent subscription rights (most normally from Intune or EMS) to expire after October 1st 2016.”


Above is the confirmation from David James and in the installation wizard itself it’s clearly mentioned that SCCM LTSB is ONLY for SA customers whose license agreements as of Oct 1st 2016 that have now expired. Don’t use SCCM LTSB at all !! Intune integration and loads of features are not available in SCCM LTSB. More details here.

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  1. Thanks for your efforts about your article about LTSB Long Term Servicing Branch Option. I have a question, how I can extend SCCM 2016 Evaluation version after 180 days, I am running this project only in virtual labs not real, the Evaluation Period is close to expired. Is there anyway to extend the Evaluation Period for SCCM 2016, thx for your help in advance


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