MDM Diagnostics Tool – Tips & Tricks – Windows Autopilot Troubleshooting

In my previous post, Windows Autopilot Troubleshooting basics, we discussed different troubleshooting areas like Network Activity, Registry, and Event Viewer. In this post, let’s discuss on Windows MDM Diagnostics Tool benefits, usage, and examples.

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What is Windows MDM Diagnostics Tool?

MDM Diagnostics is a command line tool which can collate Windows Autopilot related events. Most of the Windows Autopilot related events, registry, and logs consolidated into a single folder or single file. This tool helps IT Admins focus on one consolidated source for troubleshooting.

What are the Benefits of MDM Diagnostics Tool?

  • Automatically collect predefined logs and save as zip or Cab file
  • Remote users to run the command and share the logs with IT to troubleshoot
  • Use Pre or Post OOBE stage of Windows Autopilot

How to Use MDM Diagnostics Tool

How to use the Windows MDM diagnostics tool? I would recommend using the latest Windows 10 (1803 or later) version to use MDM Diagnostics tool. I have not tested the previous version of Windows 10 with this MDM diag tool.

Usage 1: Syntax: MdmDiagnosticsTool.exe -out < output folder path >

Example: MdmDiagnosticsTool.exe -out c:\temp


Usage 2: Syntax: MdmDiagnosticsTool.exe -area <area name(s)> -cab <output cab file path>

Execute below command line to collect Windows autopilot related events from the system for troubleshooting.

Example: MdmDiagnosticsTool.exe -area Autopilot -cab C:\

Autopilot troubleshooting

3 (Three) Troubleshooting Areas of MDM Diagnostics Tool

Windows MDM Diagnostics tool can be used in below 3 (three) troubleshooting areas to collect pre-defined areas and logs. But, in this post, we will focus only on Windows Autopilot.

  1. Autopilot
  2. DeviceProvisioning
  3. TPM

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Output of MDM Diagnostics Tool

The diagnostics tool generate output in ZIP / CAB file format with below files. We will go through each of the below output files and its purpose.

Autopilot logs

Deep Dive – How to Perform Windows Autopilot Troubleshooting with MDM Diagnostic Tool?

You can understand more details about MDM Diagnostic tools in this section. Hopefully, the following troubleshooting steps will help you in Windows Autopilot deployment scenarios.

Event Viewer

MDM Diagnostics tool collects below list of the event viewer. Event viewer includes client-side events like Autopilot events, policy actions, etc.

  • microsoft-windows-aad-operational
  • devicemanagement-enterprise-diagnostics-provider
  • microsoft-windows-assignedaccess-admin
  • microsoft-windows-assignedaccess-operational
  • microsoft-windows-moderndeployment-diagnostics-provider-autopilot
  • microsoft-windows-provisioning-diagnostics-provider-admin
  • microsoft-windows-shell-core-operational
  • microsoft-windows-user device registration-admin

The below registry entries tells you a list of event viewer logs captured by the MDM Diagnostics tool.

MDM Diagnostics Tool - Tips & Tricks - Windows Autopilot Troubleshooting 1

Diagnostic Logs – Autopilot and Device Provisioning

The below listed ETL files are captured by the tool. What is ETL? It’s an Event tracing logs created by Windows. This tool is used for in-depth analysis of the events.

The below ETL file will include system activity captured during Autopilot and Intune device provisioning stage.

  • DiagnosticLogCSP_Collector_Autopilot.etl
  • DiagnosticLogCSP_Collector_DeviceProvisioning.etl
Autopilot and Device Provisioning

You need to use Windows performance analyzer tool to deep dive and analyze these ETL files.

Autopilot performance analyser

CloudExperienceHostOobe Windows Autopilot logs

Where is the location of CloudExperienceHost? It is part of system apps within c:\windows\systemapps folder.

In Windows Autopilot deployment, CloudExperienceHost process communicates with Azure.

To trace CloudExperienceHost process activity, MDM Diagnostics Tool generates Event Tracing Logs (this is called ETW – Event Tracing for Windows). You can use Windows performance analyzer to analyze the log as shown below.

MDM Diagnostics Tool - Tips & Tricks - Windows Autopilot Troubleshooting 2


This log file record actions or activity during the OOBE Phase of Autopilot.

MDM Diagnostics Tool - Tips & Tricks - Windows Autopilot Troubleshooting 3

Registry Dump

MdmDiagReport_RegistryDump.reg captures the HKLM and HKCU registry values associated with autopilot device provisioning.

Autopilot related values are written to HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Provisioning\Diagnostics\AutoPilot

Intune CSP based configuration are written to


MDM Diagnostics Tool - Tips & Tricks - Windows Autopilot Troubleshooting 4

MDMDiag Report

MDMDiagReport.xml report provides resultant Autopilot settings applied from Intune.

MDM Diagnostics Tool - Tips & Tricks - Windows Autopilot Troubleshooting 5

MDMDiagHtmlReport.html report provides complete details on the applied intune Policy CSP Settings, certificates, applications, etc. on the autopilot device.

MDM Diagnostics Tool - Tips & Tricks - Windows Autopilot Troubleshooting 6


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