SCCM CB 1706 Hotfix KB 4039380 is not Applicable for All

SCCM CB 1706 version released on 28th of July for early adopters. I have a video post which explains the SCCM CB 1706 in place upgrade “the secret behind the success of SCCM CB Updates and Servicing”. Microsoft SCCM team released a new hotfix for SCCM/ConfigMgr 1706 version. But, SCCM CB 1706 hotfix KB 4039380 is NOT applicable for all the SCCM CB 1706 servers.

When you don’t see the new KB 4039380 on your SCCM CB 1706 production console then, you are fine, and your infrastructure doesn’t require this update. Microsoft SCCM team made this KB 4039380 available only for selected SCCM 1706 installations. This Hotfix applies to SCCM 1706 sites that downloaded version 1706 between 8th Aug 2017 and 11th Aug 2017.

How to Confirm SCCM CB 1706 Hotfix is applicable?

We can check the Package GUID of the update available in SCCM 1706 console under updates and servicing node. You might need to add the Package GUID column to the details pane of the Updates and Servicing node in the SCCM CB console. The hotfix applies only to SCCM CB 1706 downloads with packages that have the GUID # ABB97C8D-81E2-4D97-85CD-26FF3C561058.

SCCM CB 1706 hotfix KB 4039380

The hotfix KB 4039380 won’t be visible on SCCM CB 1706 console with packages that have the GUID # C88976EC-69E5-4B14-90CE-FF84B656CE86.

If we downloaded the original SCCM CB 1706 update before 8th August 2017 or after 11th August 2017 then, Microsoft SCCM team will have a hotfix package for you in the coming weeks to bring you up to the latest build.

SCCM 1706 Issues fixed and Improvements with KB 4039380 update

  • Use the script to clean up Inboxes on CAS and Primary servers (Andre has the script)
  • Applications may not install on clients because of a failure to download the required content
  • Client upgrades may be unsuccessful
  • Client communication that’s directed through the client notification server channel fails
  • The SMS Site Component Manager service (sitecomp.exe) can stop unexpectedly after you upgrade to Configuration Manager version 1706, first wave one.
  • You cannot enable a PXE Service Point
  • IMPROVEMENTS – Multiple accessibility improvements are added to the Configuration Manager console

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