End of Support Dates for SCCM CB Current Branch 1511 1602 and 1606


SCCM CB support scenarios are different from the previous versions of the products like SCCM 2007 and SCCM 2012. In SCCM 2007 and 2012, we had support scenarios like “Mainstream Support” and “Extended Support”. However, the support scenarios for SCCM/ConfigMgr CB (Current Branch) does not fall in to Mainstream and Extended. Rather SCCM CB support lifecycle is divided into two categories called   “Security and Critical Updates servicing phase and “Security Updates (Only) servicing phase. You will get more detailed explanation of these two new categories at the end of this post. The main reason for this change is because SCCM CB product is released “few times” in a year. For example, in the year 2016, we already have SCCM CB 1602 and 1606 (and will have 1610 ?). So it’s difficult follow the old support life cycle.


SCCM CB update versions (example 1511, 1602, 1606 etc..) will be supported for twelve (12) months – 1 year – from its general availability (GA) release date. For example :- SCCM CB 1511 is GA release date was 8th Dec 2015 (12/8/2015) and the support end date for SCCM CB 1511 is 8th Dec 2016 (12/8/2016). So each SCCM/ConfigMgr CB version will go end of support exactly after a year of GA. So the question is whether all the SCCM CB versions (e.g. 1511, 1602 and 1606) will be fully supported if it’s not reached the end of support date? the answer is NO. Read on to get more details 😉

END of Support Date details of  SCCM CB Versions :-

SCCM CB 1511   – End of Support = 8th Dec 2016  – Already out of Security and Critical Updates servicing support !
SCCM CB 1602 – End of Support  = 11th March 2017 – Already out of Security and Critical Updates servicing support !
SCCM CB 1606 – End of Support  = 22nd July 2017Fully Supported !

There are two kinds of support for new SCCM/ConfigMgr Current Branch versions. First one is “Security and Critical Updates servicing phase” and the second one is “Security Updates (Only) servicing phase”. So what is the different between these two support scenarios? Are these similar to SCCM 2012/2007 “Mainstream Support” and “Extended Support” which I explained in the previous post here? I would say it’s similar approach. More details :-

Security and Critical Updates servicing support – When running the latest current branch version of SCCM, at the moment it’s 1606, you will receive both Security and Critical updates. So, SCCM CB 1606 version will be fully supported and Microsoft will release Security and Critical updates until the next version of SCCM CB (probably 1610 version GA). Security and Critical Updates servicing support phase is already ended for SCCM CB 1511 and 1602

Security Updates (Only) servicing support – After a new SCCM CB version (e.g. 1606) release, support for older SCCM CB versions (e.g. 1511 and 1602) will get reduced to Security updates only for the remaining support span of  months. For example:- Now, SCCM CB 1511 and 1602 are supported only for security updates and NOT supported for code defect that requires a critical update. So, SCCM CB 1511 and 1606 will release only security updates and they are not allowed to get any CRITICAL updates. That does mean (to me) that SCCM CB 1511 and 1602 infra may at risk up to an extend as it is already in LIMITED support scenario.


END of Support Date details of previous versions of SCCM :-

SCCM 2007 – Already Out of Mainstream Support

SCCM 2007 – Extended support END date ==> 9th  SEP 2019

SCM 2012    – Mainstream support END date ==> 11th July 2017

SCM 2012    – Extended Support END date ==> 12th July 2022

References :-

SCCM 2012 and 2007 end of support details here

SCCM CB 1511, 1602, 1606, 1610 end of support details here



  1. HI Anoop,
    I missed the boat a bit here and cannot find the 1511 download. anyone know where I can find it now that its not supported? LOL

  2. Hello All , Is there any Microsoft Link where we can confirmed the SCCM 2007 has end of support ,Is the maintenance & support still continew ?


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