SCCM ConfigMgr Hardware Inventory MOF File Import Error

Recently, one of client got into an issue while trying to extend the hardware inventory. They wanted to collect all users in all local groups using SCCM 2012. Sherry Kissinger’s post (ALL MEMBERS OF ALL LOCAL GROUPS INVENTORY FOR CONFIGMGR 2012) helped them to proceed until they got the following error. We see this error only when we’ve ConfigMgr SCCM Current Branch hierarchy with CAS and primary servers.

Primary server admins don’t have access to  change Default Client Settings as that impacts other primary servers in the hierarchy as well. So what is the process that we need to follow to extend hardware inventory in SCCM 2012 Hierarchy? How to Extend Hardware Inventory Using MOF file in SCCM ConfigMgr 2012 Hierarchy ?

Error :- 

You can only import hardware inventory classes for the default client settings on central administration site.
The following Classes for which you are trying to import settings do not exist . Import the required class definitions and then try to import the settings again LocalGroupMembers (cm_LocalGroupMembers)
While importing MOF files in to SCCM / ConfigMgr 2012, we get 3 options. When you’ve CAS and primaries then you need to be careful  with the selection of these options. First 2 options can ONLY be performed with Default Client Settings.
1. Import both hardware inventory classes and hardware inventory class settings :-
SCCM 2012 Hardware Inventory Classes
SCCM 2012 Hardware Inventory Classes and settings
(a) Perform this action from CAS server, when  we need to add these classes globally for all child primary servers and these new hardware inventory settings should be enabled and collected from all the systems/devices in the environment.  
(b) Perform this action from stand alone Primary server, when we don’t have SCCM /ConfigMgr 2012 hierarchy and and these new hardware inventory settings should be enabled and collected from all the systems/devices in the environment.
2. Import Hardware Inventory classes only :-
SCCM 2012 Hardware Inventory Classes Only
SCCM 2012 Hardware Inventory Classes Only
(a) Perform this action from CAS serverWhen we’ve SCCM /ConfigMgr 2012 hierarchy and only one of the primary site devices (or a subset of devices ) need to be inventoried about the option.  Also when, this new hardware inventory settings should be enabled only for Custom Client Settings (NOT default client settings).
(b) Perform this action from stand alone primary server, When we don’t want to collect the inventory of all systems in the organization. Also when, this new hardware inventory (classes) settings should  be enabled and collected only from few systems using custom client settings (NOT default client settings). 
When we select this option, the new hardware inventory classes will get imported but the new hardware inventory settings won’t get enabled and it won’t start collecting the inventory from clients.
SCCM 2012 Uploaded New Class Local Group Members
SCCM 2012 Uploaded New Class Local Group Members

3. Import Hardware Inventory Class Settings Only :-

SCCM 2012 Hardware Inventory Classes Settings at Primary 1

Don’t use this option at all 🙂 Once we import the new inventory classes (using option 2 above) then we can just do check mark or select that LOCALGROUPMEMBERS inventory class from hardware inventory classes list (as shown in the below picture).

SCCM 2012 Hardware - Enable the Inventory
SCCM 2012 Hardware – Select Enable the Inventory Class

When you select “Import Hardware Inventory Class Settings Only”, it’s automatically Enables hardware inventory settings. Once we’ve enabled this then client will start collecting the new inventory data.  So both the options are same 🙂

(a) Perform this action from child primary server, When I’ve already imported the new inventory classes using above option (2 a) on my CAS server.  

(b) Perform this action from stand alone primary server, when I’ve I’ve already imported the new inventory classes using above option (2 b) on my stand alone primary server.

Once we import new inventory class settings, the SCCM 2012 server will create a new policy and collect the  inventory of new classes from the devices which are assigned to custom client settings 

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  1. Hi Anoop, I have a query regarding creating custom inventory class. I would like to add few properties/attributes to each computer object we are managing through SCCM.Those properties/attributes cannot be collected using any WMI/Registry as we have those values per computer object in a separate Table in another SQL Database. Example, we have a table containing computer name,owner name,owner user id, Patch designation(means in which patching phase we will patch the server),server type(like prod,dev,qa etc.). I would like have those part of the Inventoried information for each computer object and create device collection based using those properties in Console(example, collection of all PROD systems).Is there anyway to get those values from the SQL Table and extend existing inventory class in SCCM. Any help will be highly appreciated! Thanks in advance.



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