How to Take SCOM OpsMgr Console with iPad and Android Mobile Devices

As an IT administrator, we normally spend loads of time in SCOM or OpsMgr console viewing alerts and looking at the performance of your network backbone. In this world of mobility, how to view SCOM / OpsMgr alerts from mobile devices like iPad or Android devices.  Make the most of mobility. Monitor your IT environment on the go via mobile devices using XIAN Wings.

More details available about Xian Wings via an excellent blog post “Taking my OpsMgr with me… with Xian Wings” by Cameron Fuller.  This  article covers all the features of Xian Wings. Following are the some of the key points covered in Cameron’s post.

Health State and Alerts
Creating your own dashboards
Different Dashboard Views
Adding States Widgets and Alert Widgets
Adding Scope, Counters and Reminders
Running tasks

Xian Wings has been designed exclusively for Operations Manager. All objects available can be seen in Xian Wings. However, if you want to have more control, you might consider implementing Xian Network Manager.  What is Xian Network Manager? I’ll cover more about Xian Network Manager in other post. Do you have any mechanism to monitor following devices and local IPs in your network? This is the place where Xian Network Manager comes into picture.

Basic Devices (HP printers, other devices based on SNMP)
Standard Network Devices (Cisco, HP, APC, Nokia)
Advanced Network Devices (Cisco Nexus, F5)
NetFlow (Number of monitored local IP addresses)
VMWare Instances

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