Windows 10 Update Enhancements Number of Devices Updates Every Hour

This post Windows 10 update investments is the first post of this series of posts about Windows Updates. I will cover more details Windows update investments from Microsoft. These information are shared by Suma SaganeGowda & Steve Diacetis in the MS Ignite session. More details below.


Let’s see what are the scales of update we are going to see in this post. Windows 10 updates are in huge numbers all these numbers are in Millions. As per Microsoft this data is since July 2015.

NOTE! Windows 10 Updates =➡▶ ✔ Windows 10 Feature + ✔ Quality + Dynamic Updates

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Let’s check the numbers/scale

  • More than 900 million Active Windows 10 Devices
    • 9 Million new active devices per month
    • 2.5 Billion Feature updates
    • 28.3 Billion Security Updates
    • 17 TB/Sec peak CDN throughput
    • 300 Device updates per second (😍😍😍😍)
  • 36 Million application
  • 175 Million app combinations (I don’t know what does this mean)
  • 1.5 Million unique hardware components
  • 16.9 Million unique hardware driver combinations
Windows 10 Updates Scale - Windows 10 Update Investment
Windows 10 Updates Scale – Windows 10 Update Investment

Windows 10 Update Good Vs Bad (NOT)

Microsoft shared the Windows update survey results (v1809 – very high-level). This result shall give you good and pain points about Windows 10 update experience.

The opportunities shared below speaks out my mind as well as an IT Pro.

1E Nomad
  • The Good
    • 91% felt positive about their Windows 10 Update deployment experience
    • 48% performed an in-place upgrade (70% were moving from Win 10 1803)
    • Less then 2% reported blocking issues during pilot
  • Opportunities for Windows 10 Update
    • Reduce the interruption caused by Windows 10 update
    • Reduce the Driver Issues with Windows 10 updates
    • Reduce the size of update packages
    • Improvement in Driver Management
    • Simpler Language pack servicing
IT Pro Survey about Windows Update Investments
IT Pro Survey about Windows 10 Update Investments
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What are the Windows 10 Update Investments

The following slide shows everything Microsoft is investing to improve the end to end experience of Windows 10 updates.

  • Managing Windows 10 Update content
    • Upgrades and Servicing
    • FoDs & Language Packs
    • Core OS Binaries, LCU (Cumulative Update) & SSU (Service Stack Update), DU (Dynamic Update), and Drivers
  • Windows 10 Update Bandwidth Management
  • How to Improve User Disruption during OS update
    • Offline Time Reduction
    • Charge and Update
    • ARSO – Automatic Restart Sign-on (⏬Requirements)
      • MSA Login or AAD Login or Workplace Join
      • TPM
      • Secure boot
      • BitLocker Enabled (not suspended)
  • Diagnosability Improvements
    • Setup Diag V2 integration with core OS
    • Rollback Improvements (Feature and Quality)
  • Innovations with Windows 10 Updates
    • Cloud Recovery Options (Windows 10 20H1 on-wards)
    • Reserved Storage
Evolving Out Investments - Windows 10 Update Investments
Evolving Out Investments – Windows 10 Updates Investments

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  • Simplify Streamline Windows 10 Update Content – UUP
  • Minimizing User Disruption
  • Improved Windows 10 Updates Recover
  • Innovations for Windows 10 Updates Workflows
Windows 10 Update Enhancements Number of Devices Updates Every Hour 1


Make the Windows update experience smooth and seamless for your IT team and your end users. More details


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