Windows 10 Bandwidth Management DO Delivery Optimization with LEDBAT in LAN?

Let’s see what are improvements and enhancements Microsoft coming up with for bandwidth management.

Delivery Optimization is the core technology in bandwidth management. All the screenshots are taken from the Ignite session demo by Andy Rivas & Narkis Engler.

More details (Delivery Optimization with LEDBAT) about the session and recording are below the section of this post.

Ignite 2019 Coverage

Patch My PC
  1. Microsoft Endpoint Management SCCM Intune Windows Updates
  2. Microsoft Endpoint Manager is the future of SCCM Intune MEMMI MEMCM
  3. iOS Android macOS Mobile Enrollment Options with Intune
  4. Basics of Windows Dynamic Update Explained Update Management
  5. WVD End User Experience Availability Updates
  6. MSIX Updates from Ignite Reliability Network Disk-space
  7. Microsoft Learning Certification Exams Updates
  8. On-Prem WVD Options Azure Quantum Qualys Scan Integration
  9. Intune Reporting Strategies Advanced Reporting
  10. Intune Endpoint Security Policies Enhancements
  11. Intune Policy Sets Collection of Workflows
  12. Windows Autopilot Updates Timelines
  13. Microsoft Connected Cache Container Instances in Azure via Intune
  14. SCCM and Microsoft Connected Cache Integration
  15. Windows 10 Bandwidth Management DO Delivery Optimization with LEDBAT in LAN


Delivery Optimization is a fully cloud-managed solution, but you can have on-prem caching servers.

  • Delivery Optimization (DO) is a fully supported cloud service (out of preview for very long :))
  • More granular configuration and throttling options are available with Microsoft Endpoint Managed (SCCM and Intune)
  • More matured & stabilized with many supported scenarios for several types of content.
  • I’m excited about Delivery Optimization with LEDBAT in LAN options (coming soon)
Delivery Optimization with LEDBAT Summary
Summary – Delivery Optimization with LEDBAT

Delivery Optimization Support Enhancements

More content support scenarios are added to DO with SCCM and Intune. Some of them are given below:

  • Windows Updates
    • Feature/Quality/Security
    • Drivers
  • Windows Store Apps
  • Microsoft Store for Business Apps
  • Office 365 Pro Plus and Office 2019 UPDATES & Installation (Initial Installation – it’s a public preview)
  • Xbox game pass apps (MSIXVC)
  • Coming Soon
    • New Microsoft Edge installs and updates
    • MSIX Apps
    • Dynamic Updates
    • SCCM Content
Support Enhancements Delivery Optimization with LEDBAT
Support Enhancements Delivery Optimization with LEDBAT

Who Should Use Delivery Optimization

I like this slide presented in the Ignite. It’s very straightforward messaging from Microsoft.

  • Windows Updates from the cloudExpress and Delta Updates are the ONLY supported with Delivery Optimization and SCCM.
  • Office 365 ProPlus Updates – Only Hybrid/Lean updates are supported by Delivery Optimization and SCCM

IMP for SCCM Admins – Office 365 ProPlus Bandwidth Consideration PostsLean/HybridBuilding dynamic, lean & universal packages for Office 365 ProPlus & Office 365 ProPlus Deployment and Proxy Server Guidance!

DO supported content
Delivery Optimization with LEDBAT – DO supported content

Real-world Example of Delivery Optimization

50% to 70% in Microsoft’s average efficiency rate experience.

Windows 10 Bandwidth Management DO Delivery Optimization with LEDBAT in LAN? 1

Intune SCCM Delivery Optimization Client Policy Settings

Windows 10 Bandwidth Management DO Delivery Optimization with LEDBAT in LAN? 2

Client-Side Experience in Delivery Optimization

  • Settings-> Updates & Security -> Delivery Optimization
Client Side Experience on Delivery Optimization
Client-Side Experience in Delivery Optimization

Delivery Optimization PowerShell Commands

IT admins can check out the following DO status with PowerShell commands available in the latest version of Windows 10.

PS C:\Users\Anoop C Nair> Get-DeliveryOptimizationPerfSnap | FT
FilesDownloaded : 3
FilesUploaded : 1
TotalBytesDownloaded : 229,128,698
TotalBytesUploaded : 18,022,400
AverageDownloadSize : 76,376,232
AverageUploadSize : 18,022,400
PS C:\Users\Anoop C Nair> Get-DeliveryOptimizationPerfSnapThisMonth
MonthlyUploadLanBytes : 0
MonthlyUploadInternetBytes : 73,360,794
MonthlyDownloadHttpBytes : 270,292,514
MonthlyDownloadLanBytes : 0
MonthlyDownloadInternetBytes : 345,073,940
MonthlyDownloadFgRateKbps : 11,529
MonthlyDownloadBgRateKbps : 15,995
MonthlyUploadLimitReached : No
MonthStartDate : 11/1/2019
Delivery Optimization PowerShell Commands
Delivery Optimization PowerShell Commands

Real-World Scenario

85% of data is coming from Peers using Delivery Optimization in SCCM.

Office 365 Pro Plus Deployment Scenario Efficiency with DO
Office 365 Pro Plus Deployment Scenario Efficiency with DO

Delivery Optimization Best Practices Policies

  • Hubs & Spoke (Network Topology)
    • Download mode
      • DODowloadMode
    • Recommended Value:
      • 1 or 2
  • Sites have more than 30 Devices (Leverage peers for more content)
    • Minimum File Size to Cache
    • DOMinFileSizetoCache
      • 10 MB
  • Mobile Workforce Large Number of Laptops/Tablets (Increase the number of devices capable of uploading content)
    • Allow Uploads battery power
      • DOMinBatteryPercentageAllowedToUpload
        • 60%
  • Lab with Desktop/DC Powered Devices (Dedicated Devices that can upload more content for a longer period)
    • Content Expiration
      • DOMaxCacheAge
        • Seven days up to 30 days
  • Delay the use of HTTP (give opportunity for devices to find peers before falling back to cloud/CDN/On-prem Cache)
    • DODelayBackgroundDownloadFromHttp
      • 60 seconds to 30 minutes
DO New Policies and Best Practices - Delivery Optimization with LEDBAT
DO New Policies and Best Practices – Delivery Optimization with LEDBAT

What’s New in the DO world

  • New and Expanded PowerShell cmdlets
    • For advanced cache management and troubleshooting
  • New DO policies
  • Nonprivate IPs (not in RF1918) allowed as LAN peers
  • New GroupID Source:
    • AAD TenantID
  • LEDBAT in LAN uploads/sends support with DO
    • Sixty milliseconds queuing delay – slow down the upload!
    • Alleviate concerns over WiFi router congestion with Delivery Optimization
DO What's New LEDBAT
DO What’s New LEDBAT

Peer to Peer Challenge for Cloud CDN Delivery Optimization?


  • Customers who have sites with very low bandwidth need a better overall bandwidth reduction guarantee (peer to peer is opportunistic)
  • Some customers use Peer Peer (All VPN WiFi networks)
  • EDU customers have sites with too few devices/lots of devices on battery
  • Some customers can’t push policies to devices on their network (ISPs, universities with public WiFi) but still want to reduce the bandwidth impact

The solution to work with Delivery Optimization

DO Challenges and Solution
DO Challenges and Solution

Session – Delivery Optimization with LEDBAT

Stay current while minimizing network traffic: The power of Delivery Optimization. Session Recording by Andy Rivas & Narkis Engler.


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