SCCM and Microsoft Connected Cache Integration to Help with Bandwidth Issues

SCCM and Microsoft Connected Cache Integration

Let’s have a quick look at the SCCM and Microsoft connected cache integration (of course with Delivery Optimization – DO) options. All the screenshots are taken from the Ignite session demo by Andy Rivas & Narkis Engler. More details about the session and recording below section of this post.

Ignite 2019 Coverage

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  14. SCCM and Microsoft Connected Cache Integration


Microsoft answer to network bandwidth issues in the modern workplace is Microsoft Connected Cache + Delivery Optimization + Microsoft Endpoint Manager. The solution which we are going to see in this post is pure hybrid solution (very tightly integrated with SCCM investments) on the EDGE!

Microsoft Connected Cache can seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Endpoint Manager solution like SCCM/MEMCM.

Microsoft connected cache with DO solution is based on IIS and Application Request Routing (ARR). This solutions are based on Windows Server native tool set. This Windows solution helps to deliver Microsoft connected cache solution with DO & SCCM (MEMCM).

  • Cloud Managed
    • Microsoft Connected Cache is designed for cloud era
  • Localized Cache
    • Use one or many, along side Delivery Optimization
  • Efficient
    • Cache only content that is needed by your devices, at the byte range level
  • Reliable & Flexible
    • Cache aware distribution, ensures seamless fallback to the cloud
  • Configure once and forget
    • Enjoy with new content that DO supports
Microsoft Connected Cache + Delivery Optimization
Microsoft Connected Cache + Delivery Optimization

Architecture Flow Diagram

Microsoft Connected Cache service can use Configuration Manager/SCCM or MEMCM DP as it’s connected Cache content location. Also, SCCM clients can get the content from the Connected Cache Container.

  • SCCM DP configured to enable Connected Cache service so that it can download the content from Microsoft CDN on client request
  • Clients configured with Connected Cache enablement policies
  • Client requests for Connected Cache supported content
  • Connected Cache container gets content from CDN and deliver to client
  • Client uses Delivery Optimization (DO) to share this content with other client devices
Architecture Flow Diagram - SCCM and Microsoft Connected Cache Integration
Architecture Flow Diagram – SCCM and Microsoft Connected Cache Integration
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SCCM and Connected Cache Integration

You can fully unitize the existing investment with SCCM and Microsoft Connected Cache. The integration experience will be seamless for SCCM admins.

NOTE! – More details on the setup and configuration of Microsoft Connected Cache Containers and nodes are explained in the blog post here.

SCCM and Connected Cache Integration
SCCM and Connected Cache Integration

SCCM Server Side Configuration for Microsoft Connected Cache

  • You can configure Microsoft Connection Cache from SCCM console -> Distribution Point Properties.
  • Select the option – Enable Distribution Points to be used as Microsoft Connected Server
SCCM Server Side Configuration
SCCM Server Side Configuration

SCCM Client Side Policies for Microsoft Connected Server

You can configure the SCCM client policies from Client Agent policies.

  • Client Agent Policies – Delivery Optimization
  • Select YES for the configuration called “Enable Devices Managed by Configuration Manager to use Microsoft Connected Cache servers for content download
SCCM Client Side Policies
SCCM Client Side Policies

Real World Story – SCCM and Microsoft Connected Cache Integration

This SCCM + Connected Cache is the example provided in the Microsoft ignite session. Highly efficient caching – pilot customer.

SCCM Highly efficient caching
SCCM Highly efficient caching


Stay current while minimizing network traffic: The power of Delivery Optimization. Session Recording by Andy Rivas & Narkis Engler.



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    Will SCCM 1806 or 1906 capable to track daily patching deployments ?
    Will I get to know where is the patching delays while in deployments ??
    How delays can be track or monitor ?
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