Windows 10 WiFi Internet Connection is Getting Disconnected

Lately, I’ve noticed that Windows 10 new build 9926 has some issue with WiFi internet connection. Internet connection in My Dell laptop is getting disconnected and it’s really annoying. However,ย as explained in the previous post here, very much enjoying the new features of Windows 10 9926 build. When I checked TechNet forum “Windows 10 Technical Preview“, I can see other people also facing “similar” issue here.

As you can see in the following pictures my WiFi is connected, however internet is not working. I never had this issue with previous versions of Windows 10 preview. Also, I’ve confirmed that WiFi is working with other laptop which is running with Windows 8.1 !ย 

Windows 10 9926 Wifi Issue 1

Windows 10 9926 Wifi Issue 2

I’m not able to find any workarounds for this issue. To resolve the WiFi internet disconnection issue, I’ve disconnected the machine from WiFi and connected it again. I don’t consider this as a workaround ๐Ÿ™

Windows 10 9926 Wifi Issue 3

Windows 10 9926 Wifi Issue 4

Have you ever faced Windows 10 build 9926? Have you able to find out any workaround for this issue?

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33 thoughts on “Windows 10 WiFi Internet Connection is Getting Disconnected”

  1. same issue here. updated to windows 10, wireless connection seems correct however it will not open any web pages and cannot go into internet. other computer on windows 8.1 works perfectly on the same network and settings

      • No, it’s not a driver issue. Trust me. It’s something buggy in the OS. I’ve spent countless hours trying to resolve it to no end, and read tons of boards with people having the same issue. I managed a website for 15 years so I’m no newbie when it comes to upgrades. Windows upgrade issues are too common to think “it must just be a driver.” It’s not.

      • Sure. That was my experience while dealing with Wifi issue. There are other suggestions in the comments session from the people who are expert than me. You may try that solution as well.

  2. Ive updated to windows 10 today and cant keep internet connection for more that an hour My service provider (plusnet) suggests I find another channel do you guys think its windows 10 thats the problem?

    • This could be problem drivers. Can you try to update all the drivers…like similar to chip set etc… Also check the device manager and look out for yellow icons ๐Ÿ™

  3. Yesterday I upgraded my Hp windows 8 to windows 10 but not able to connect to WiFi.The WiFi is showing connected but internet explorer is showing you are not able to connect to the INTERNET.. I tried all the stuff even uncheck the boxes related to sharing but still the problem persists.. Can anyone help in this regard ?

  4. Here is what you need to do. Click Windows Key + R, type devmgmt.msc,
    Click View, check Show Hidden Devices.
    Under Network Adapters, disable all entries except for the entry related to Wireless Adapter.
    Right click on each entries and then click disable. If there is no disable option, leave it as it is.
    Once all entries are disabled except the Wireless Adapter, restart Computer. (The problem wonโ€™t be fixed unless you restart computer)Share the results under comment section.

  5. thanks ! disabling interfaces worked for me. I just kept the wifi and kernel debug interfaces. I will now try re-enabling interfaces to see wich one is causing the issue.

  6. quick update, apparently ISATAP (IP v6 to v4 router) interface has been re-enabled by default during the reboot, I kept bluetooth and direct connect disabled I’m not using those anyway.. No wifi problem since then.

  7. hello friends, not a expert user, was facing the same problem with my wifi. i tried disabling other network adapter but dint really work.

    than i tried and updated the drivers of my wifi adapter and i think the problem has been solved

  8. Not sure if this is a similar or related problem, but intermittently since upgrading to Windows 10 the ‘wireless’ light on the router goes out, and wifi connection is lost completely, not just to Windows 10 pc. After a few minutes it comes back again and all wifi connections are restored. Drivers are all the latest available.

    • Nigel, your issue might be something different. Your router is a device outside of your PC. A router has its own firmware and protocol. You should get a tool like WifiInfoView and look at the average signal strength per channel in you LAN. The only way you can affect other devices in your local network is if you are mucking around with your router’s settings and did something wrong. I’ve done it before. I have set my router to “Wireless-N only” instead of “Mixed” and killed all my security cameras that I forgot were all 802.11g’s.

  9. I have this same issue with Windows 10 Pro with my WiFi adapter DWA-556. During installation, Windows 10 installed the Atheros driver version I reverted back to Atheros driver version which is faster and doesn’t disconnect. I actually bought a TP-Link T9E WiFi adapter but none of the supplied drivers in the CD that came with it works. I went to the TP-Link website and none of the drivers there work either. So, I reinstalled back my DWA-556 and I’ll just put the T9E on the side until TP-Link comes up with a Windows-10 driver that works.I believe the issue that people are seeing maybe related to driver issues that do not play well under Windows 10.

  10. Hi,

    I installed Windows 10 one week back and have been experiencing the same problems as posted by avi12 in the original post dated July 30,2015 – my android phone is able to connect to my wifi connection at home but Dell Inspiron keeps losing connectivity. I’m not a computer engineer or a windows expert. Please suggest a solution to the above problem.

  11. After upgrading my laptop to Windows 10, my wifi was intermittent, it would be on when first turning laptop on, then go off after about 5 mins, and couldn’t get back on, until I rebooted. I did what “Microsoft Certificate Solution Expert” suggested above, it triggered some automatic updates, and now it seems to be okay. Thank you for discussing this issue here, so it can be found on google

  12. Okay, somehow the Microsoft Kernel Debug Network Adapter and Microsoft Direct Virtual Adapter cause the TP-Link T9E to hang my system. I disabled these two hidden adapters (go to Device Manager/ View / Show Hidden Devices) and everything works. The 5GHz band signal is weak but my internet speed is equal to direct RJ45 cable behind the modem or my WRT610N router.

  13. I applied all setting even I am facing same issue again. Wifi is getting disconnected each Time I need to reboot again to connect it Please help me to resolve that issue.

  14. Yesterday, I upgraded to Windows 10 and I was having internet issues. The internet kept dropping, then later on there was no wifi for me at all. So then I reverted back to Windows 7. I tried SEVERAL solutions and none of them worked. I haven’t tried the driver solution because I lost the disk for my adapter drivers. I don’t know what to do other than to stay at Windows 7. I would love to live with Windows 10 though.

  15. this is sep 26. not looking into the problems i downloaded w10 in my brand new dell 45 days old. after pretty long process to my surprise I lost my wifi to the dell where w10 is loaded. with all other machines and smartphones the internet wi fi connection is fine. why microsoft is indifferent to such a problem that is annoying all users across the globe. when connectivity is lost every thing id lodt. should we switch back to w 8.1.

  16. Why my husband went from Windows 7 to 10 is beyond me. He is 89 and all he wants is to read his email and his NY Times. He is not computer savvy. It is connect and gives a crash message that he isn’t connect. I hope his 17 1/2 dell top of the line computer crashes. Maybe then he’ll go to Apple like every one he has asked for help. That doesn’t speak well for Microsoft.
    How can he be online and get a Windows connection that he is not connectd

  17. I’m also having WiFi issues with Windows 10 on my Dell laptop. It appears to be a problem with :Power Management because I’ve noticed I only get the “Limited Connectivity” icon (No Internet Connection) when I’m on battery power. If the power supply is connected I have no WiFi issues. I disabled the Power Management option that allows it to turn off the wireless adapter when battery power is low, but it seems to screw it up anyway. The Centrino adapter I’m using is supposed to be compatible with Windows 10, and I have the latest driver installed.

  18. I am having the same problem. I have tried the recommendations listed here to no avail! This happens both when my computer is plugged in and when it is on battery. It is incredibly frustrating.

  19. RESOLVED – Lenovo IdeaPad P580
    Updated wifi driver that’s compatible with Windows 10!!

    I hear you pain.
    I’ve had this problem for 4 months, ever since I downloaded Windows 10. You have no idea how many hours I have spent at multiple cafes, libraries trying to fix this problem, instead of studying. Believe me, I tried everything above, but each method only gave temporary solution while the problem persisted.

    However, this method fix it!!!!

    I had to download latest wifi / ethernet driver for my laptop (Lenovo IdeaPad P580).
    The only challenge to this method was that even Lenovo website did NOT have the compatible drives for windows 10 yet!!! It simply indicated that the company is working on it as of today. A multi-billion dollar company could not figure it out fast enough to create a new drive to match Windows 10 when it has been out for months now?????


    I downloaded following “driver talent” software that will scan your system for needed driver update. My norton virus notified me that this software is safe. As soon as I completed the process, my internet is NO LONGER being dropped and it’s now super fast, free flowing, gliding… You get the picture!! I feel so relieved!!

    Hope this helps.

  20. I have the same issue here, I upgraded from windows 8.1 to 10. I had never connection problems so far till I upgraded. Its a Gateway NV57, it has a broadcome netlink gigabit adapter. On wire i cant even connect and on wireless it just drops sometimes 1 minute after sometimes it lasts an hour, its very frustrating. I tried updating drivers with Windows 10 looking for them thru internet and downloading the drivers from the manufacturer (Gateway) although its not windows 10 drivers specifically. Ive noticed that when i connect from outside with teamviewer if i try a networking demanding task such as streaming video, it suddenly drops my wifi and cant connect again tilll i get home and turn off and on the adapter again. Can anyone help?

  21. Why can’t Microsoft Engineers (in case they are for real) work on taking out the right product in first go??? Is it so difficult? Do they really think about customers?

    I too am facing issues with the wifi on my Lenovo G580. Idiots, they give buggy Windows 10 for free.


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