AVD End User Experience Availability Updates from Ignite

Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) End User Experience, Availability updates. The details from Microsoft Ignite 2019 AVD update sessions on Day 1. All the screenshots are taken from session slides and demos.

Ignite 2019 Coverage

  1. Microsoft Endpoint Management SCCM Intune Windows Updates
  2. Microsoft Endpoint Manager is the future of SCCM Intune MEMMI MEMCM
  3. iOS Android macOS Mobile Enrollment Options with Intune
  4. Basics of Windows Dynamic Update Explained Update Management
  5. AVD End User Experience Availability Updates (this post)
  6. MSIX Updates from Ignite Reliability Network Disk-space
  7. Microsoft Learning Certification Exams Updates
  8. On-Prem WVD Options Azure Quantum Qualys Scan Integration
  9. Intune Reporting Strategies Advanced Reporting

WVD History

WVD Updates - History
WVD Updates – History 1

WVD Availability

Available Today – Availability regions for WVD Management plane – United States, Europe, and Japan.

Available Q1 2020 – Availability regions for WVD Management plane – Brazil, Asia Pacific, India, and Australia.

Patch My PC
WVD Updates - Availability
WVD Updates – Availability 2
WVD Updates - Security
WVD Updates – Security 3

Secure Access Workstation

  • Authentication – App Group assignments multi-factor authentication (MFA)
  • Access – Static and Dynamic Conditional access policies
  • Azure – Azure Security Center and Azure Active Directory PIM
WVD Updates - Secure Access Workstation
WVD Updates – Secure Access Workstation 4

New Capabilities

  • Support for Linux thin client with IGEL
  • Native Domain Controller (AD) support with Azure File Storage
  • Microsoft Teams in Azure Virtual Desktop
  • Improvements in admin experience
  • Enhanced Integration with Microsoft 365
  • Preview of MSIX app attach

Azure Virtual Desktop Roadmap – http://aka.ms/wvdroadmap

AVD End User Experience Availability Updates from Ignite 1
AVD End User Experience Availability Updates from Ignite 5

WVD Client OS Support

  • Windows 10/7
  • HTML5
  • Android
  • macOS
  • Windows 10 loT Enterprise
  • Linux SDK – Ubuntu 18.04
AVD Support for Thin Clients
AVD Support for Thin Clients 6

AVD End User ExperienceClient Features

  • Desktop Experience
  • RemoteApp Experience
  • Multi-factor Authentication
  • Conditional Access
  • Localized
  • 3rd Party Plugin Support
  • WVD Dynamic Resolution (Early 2020 Preview)
  • Multimonitor
  • Subset of Monitors
  • Microsoft Teams Support
WVD Client Features
AVD Client Features 7

AVD Client Administration

Release Cadence Windows Client Update (2nd Tue for Insiders (B update)/4th Tue -Update for all the users (D Update))


Bulk Deployment


Management Tools (Microsoft Intune, SCCM, and Group Policy)

WVD Client Administration
AVD Client Administration 8

Remote Display Driver – Windows 10 2003 Release

NOTE – NV6 Azure VM. 1080 video playback on un-optimization with Multimedia redirection. Future enhancements after Windows 10 2003.

AVD End User Experience Availability Updates from Ignite 2
AVD End User Experience Availability Updates from Ignite 9

WVD Media Enhancement Survey https://aka.ms/WVDMMR

 WVD Updates - Survey
AVD Updates – Survey 10


Sandeep Patnaik¬†–¬†Microsoft (@SandeepPatnaik) – See firsthand how Azure Virtual Desktop delivers the best user experience for virtualized environments across device platforms.

Microsoft show demos of Azure Virtual Desktop in action on Windows, Android, and iOS devices, then move over to the Expo Hall to answer your questions.

More details are in the below video link: https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/81670?source=schedule.


Scott Manchester – Microsoft; Matthew Betts – FIS Global – Azure Virtual Desktop overview – Azure Virtual Desktop offers the best-virtualized desktop and application experience for both end-users and IT.

Learn how early adopters have already experienced the value of Azure Virtual Desktop in their organizations, get updates on our plans, and, most importantly, see the service in action!

More Details – https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/81693?source=schedule

Resources – WVD Updates

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