Configuration Manager 1910 Hotfix KB4535819|Early Update Ring

Today we will discuss about Configuration Manager 1910 Hotfix KB4535819|Early Update Ring

SCCM 1910 early update ring customers might have received a new hotfix, KB4535819. The Configuration Manager KB4535819 hotfix is available only for customers who installed the early update version of 1910 via a PowerShell script.

You can identify the first wave build installed by adding the “Package GUID” column to the details pane of the “Updates and Servicing” node in the console. This update is specifically for first-wave installations of version 1910 from packages with the following GUIDs.

KB 4535819 shall be available only if Configuration Manager 1910 package GUID is any one of the following.

Patch My PC
  1. AC004944-98BC-44C2-A129-320285EC683F
  2. 6630E282-AA3F-4921-A65D-4CF493C42066
  3. 5AF6B247-224C-49AB-BE48-8909B3689D5E
  4. BBB533A1-E80D-49B6-BC8B-8D2728C6BF43
  5. B1E6FEC0-5A6E-4B56-8F27-7406F9A79CFB

More details about the KB are available –

SCCM Package GUIDConfiguration Manager KB4535819

Package GUID is the unique identification number for the update (content) of SCCM versions. The above is the package GUID for the early update rings of the 1910 version.

  • Navigate \Administration\Overview\Updates and Servicing
  • Right-click and add a column called Package GUID column from List View
Configuration Manager 1910 Hotfix KB4535819|Early Update Ring - Fig.1
Configuration Manager 1910 Hotfix KB4535819|Early Update Ring – Fig.1

Configuration Manager KB4535819 Details

SCCM KB4535819 shall fix the following issues I explained in the SCCM 1910 known issues. The installation process is straightforward, as I explained in the video tutorial for SCCM 1910.

Configuration Manager 1910 Hotfix KB4535819|Early Update Ring - Fig.2
Configuration Manager 1910 Hotfix KB4535819|Early Update Ring – Fig.2

NOTE! – KB4538488 hotfix shall be available in the console only if you have already installed 1910 KB4535819 (applicable only for early update ring customers).


SCCM 1910 Client Side Hotfix (Configuration Manager KB4535819)

1910 client-side KB4535384 for early update ring customers. I would recommend installing server-side and client-side updates. The client-side update is available in the Microsoft download center, which won’t be visible in the SCCM console.

Version Details (Configuration Manager KB4535819)

Once Configuration Manager KB4535819 is installed, the console, site, and client versions must be changed. The following are the details of those versions.

  • SCCM Client and Site version > 5.00.8913.1012
  • SCCM Console version > 5.1910.1067.1600

More details about SCCM versions are available in the previous post –


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5 thoughts on “Configuration Manager 1910 Hotfix KB4535819|Early Update Ring”

  1. Hi Anoop,
    The company, I’m working for a global acting company and our site is R&D department so I’m not allowed to send any logfiles or so.
    Our global IT faced an issue: The issue is with client signature validation. The validation fails for (most) new clients.
    Now they have installed Configuration Manager 1910 hotfix KB 4538488 and since this has been done we have to contact global team to delete an existing host from SCCM server before redeploying.
    I’m absolutely no SCCM expert but I won’t believe that. Can you confirm this or is it just a misconfiguration (my gut feeling).

    I would be really happy to get an answer from you.


    • The client signature validation fails for all the new clients of a particular site? Unfortunately, without looking into errors, I can suggest or provide a definite answer. Need to understand why do you have signature issue. Do you have duplicate record issue etc

      • I will try to get some log files from client without any domain / hostnames or IP addresses, if this would help.
        As far as I know all sites are affected since they have upgraded to v1910

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