How to Eliminate DPs from your SCCM infrastructure

adaptiva no dps
adaptiva no dps

Do you want to Eliminate remote DPs from your SCCM / ConfigMgr infrastructure?  or Are you looking around to eliminate remote DPs which can indirectly help to reduce loads of troubleshooting efforts? Here is the perfect solution for you!!!  Have you heard about Adaptiva OneSite? Adaptiva OneSite helps to eliminate hundreds of DP, PXE, SMP, and other servers, saving up to several millions of dollars on hardware costs and more on indirect costs.  Adaptiva OneSite is award-winning software that Fortune 500 companies use to run SCCM from a single site with no DPs for distribution, and no impact to business WAN traffic. The game-changing OneSite is advancing global IT efficiency by orders of magnitude in organizations from 1,000 to 366,000 clients. A brief video about Adaptiva OneSite is given below.

Key Features of Adaptiva OneSite :-

Eliminate your SCCM infrastructure
Accelerate content delivery
Never bother the network team again
Get free, zero-impact storage
Perform OSD with serverless PXE and SMP

More Details about Adaptiva Onesite on the following link :-


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