How to Find Topology Diagram of Your Network Devices with SCOM 2012 and LiveMaps

You’ve already heard about Savision Live Maps from my previous blog posts. You must be aware of the power of Live Maps when it integrate with SCOM OpsMgr 2012. Now Savision is gone a further further ahead to provide more customer friendly monitoring solution for IT world with topology diagram of your network devices. When we monitor network devices like Cisco switches we don’t only like to know the health status and performance of each individual device, but also how a specific problem on a particular device can affect the rest of your network.

We can achieve this by creating a topology diagram of your network devices. The topology diagram allows you to see how your devices are connected and the communication problems triggered when one of them is having issues. Jalasoft Xian Network Manager 2012 and Savision Live Maps for OpsMgr 2012 let you create topology diagrams for the OpsMgr 2012 console where their relationships are automatically discovered and drawn. More details

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