How to Reset Windows PIN of a Windows 10 Machine


Yes, it happened to me 🙂 I forgot my Windows 10 PIN which I set few hour back. Now the question is how to reset the PIN of a Windows 10 laptop? The only way to setup your PIN again is to reset it. If you use Windows PIN to access games, social networking etc… then you will need to log in from scratch in each of those placed after you reset your Windows 10 PIN. You can get more details about Windows 10 PIN in the post “What is Windows 10 PIN and How to Set PIN for Windows 10″. Once you forget or lost Windows 10 PIN then you may have to login to your Windows 10 machine with Microsoft account password option as highlighted in the following picture. By default Windows 10 doesn’t provide you the following screen, you need to press on Sign-in Options to get this screen.

Windows 10 PIN1

There is no option to retrieve the lost PIN via a mail or something. The main reason for this is because Windows PIN is “so local”:) Only way is to reset the Windows 10 PIN is set up NEW pin. To reset the Windows Pin for Windows 10 machine, go to Setting –> Accounts –> Sign-in Options and click on I forgot my PIN.

Windows 10 - PIN - Forgot --1

Once you click on “I forgot my PIN”, the new page “Are you sure you forgot your PIN” will get opened and you need to click on continue button to proceed further.  Windows 10 - PIN - Forgot -1On the next page of Windows 10 reset PIN, it will ask to enter Microsoft Account password to proceed further. This is just another layer of security before resetting the Windows 10 PIN for the machine. Enter the Microsoft account (Outlook, Hotmail etc..) password and click on Sign in button.

Windows 10 - PIN - Forgot -2

You need to validate and verify your identity using a security code as you can see in the following screen capture. When accessing sensitive info from your account or device, or if Microsoft detect suspicious account activity, they may ask for a security code to verify your identity. If you sign in frequently on this device, Microsoft won’t ask you to verify after this. Click on NEXT button to proceed to next page of the Windows 10 reset PIN wizard.

Windows 10 - PIN - Forgot -3

Check the mail which you have entered in the above step (check the spam folder :)). Copy the security code from the mail and paste it as you can see in the following screen. Click NEXT button !!

Windows 10 - PIN - Forgot -4

In the next screen “Set up a NEW PIN” – Create a PIN to use in place of passwords. Having a PIN makes it easier to sign in to your device, apps and services. Enter your new PIN and remember it 🙂Windows 10 - PIN - Forgot -5


  1. I followed these instructions to reset the pin but Microsoft is not sending the email for the code and yes, I have checked my spam folder.

  2. If laptops is stolen and it is configured with Microsoft InTune. Will anybody can remove the hard disk from the laptop and can access the data?

    • Hi It depends what are the policies you have configured in that laptop. Microsoft has 3 kind of policies to deal with these kind of scenario. Bitlocker encryption should be ON for protecting the data in Hard disk. Without disk level encryption, we can’t protect data if somebody might have taken out hard disk from laptop and connects to another laptop. Another kind of protection is EDP or WIP, so this is for accidental data leakage protection. We have Intune policies implement this. 3rd level protection Azure Information protection this is for file level encryption on the fly.


  3. What if you say “I forgot my PIN” and restart your laptop? My laptop does not use a Password and the thumbprint requires a PIN. if you restart there is no option for PIN on the sign in screen.

  4. I can’t even get into my laptop. I am getting this message “your pin is no longer available due to a change to the security settings on this device ….

    Can someone please advise what to do.

  5. When I select the “I forgot my PIN” option from Settings->Sign-in options nothing happens. How do I get you software to function again?


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