Live Maps Mobile Console App for System Center Monitoring

You wanted to monitor your system Center Environment via mobile application? Live Maps for Mobile allows you to monitor your System Center environment, keeping you up to date on possible IT issues even if you’re remote. You can avail of alert details such as age, source and description are provided for each alert via Live map mobile console. More information about Mobile Console of Savision Live Maps here. You can download Savision Live Maps for Mobile Android from here (Google Play) and  Apple (iPhone) from here (App Store).

Live Maps Mobile Console App for System Center Monitoring 1

How much time you’re spending to create KPI (key performance indicators) reports? Would you like to automate these efforts with latest performance data? Again Savision Live Maps Widget will help you to achieve these ! More details about Live Maps Widgets and new features here.

Download PDF on “What’s New In Live Maps

Let me list down some of the Key Features of Mobile Console and Widget here.

  • View the state of your Favorite Live Maps views
  • Be notified when the state of a Live Map view changes
  • Eliminate alert and notification noise
  • Combine state information with key performance indicators (including SLA’s)
  • View the performance metrics that matter to you
  • Quickly build executive level dashboards

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2 thoughts on “Live Maps Mobile Console App for System Center Monitoring”

  1. Anoop, what do you think about the client setting , power management , wake up proxy setting? if you turn it on it will cause your clients network card to start flapping and act as a network threat and if you have port security on your ports shut down.

    Its just starting to be an issue, as it was not even in the Cisco knowledge base and Microsoft just updated there instructions for sccm 2012 ( rev May1 2013) to include a warning about it.

    Here is the Cisco tac case. We experienced this issue and it caused many switches to shut down ports. BTW< I love your blogs, and posts!


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