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Office 365 is a SaaS solution by Microsoft. There are 24.9 million total subscribers as of that last report. This confirms a vast number of people using Office 365 to help manage their businesses. I always had a question about whether organizations need a monitoring solution for Office 365 or not. In this post, we will discuss Office 365 Monitoring and Dashboards in SCOM.

Online Session about Office 365 Monitoring and Dashboards in SCOM – here

Microsoft Office 365 provides service monitoring options in Office 365 portal itself. I have seen some of the outages are updated in Health > Service health section of admin center after several hours. And I have not seen any direct integration with your on-prem SCOM investment and Office 365 cloud service. Following are some of the default options available in Office 365 admin center.

How to check service health
View details of posted service health
Translate service health details

Office 365 Monitoring Challenges?

Have you seen your Office 365 users are not mails even though Microsoft Office 365 Service health dashboard shows everything is “OKAY” with your tenant? Yes, there could be problems with network and connectivity side. The connectivity issue of LAN, WAN, Internet, WiFi, Proxy, and Firewalls also can cause issues with Office 365 or exchange online.

Patch My PC

Would you like to have proactive or reactive monitoring for Office 365 environment? I assume, for a critical service like Office 365 should have proactive monitoring rather than reactive.

Solution for Office 365 Monitoring Challenges

Together with a new Service available in Savision Live Maps and NiCE Active O365 Management Pack (MP), you can get insight far beyond what the Office 365 Service Health Dashboard can display.

You have an existing SCOM infrastructure then, you can use that SCOM infra to get the critical Office 365 alerts. Savision Live Maps is the dashboard solution for SCOM, which provides organizations with insight and helps them to correlate, filter and prioritise based on the impact that an outage could have on the business, also known as the end user perspective.

1E Nomad
Office 365 Monitoring and Dashboards in SCOM

How to Register for O365 monitoring and dashboards in SCOM Session?

Savision and NiCE are arranging an online session on Office 365 monitoring and Dashboard in SCOM. This session will be presented by Christian Heitkamp (NiCE) and Justin Boerrigter (Savision). This webinar is in English and will have a duration of approximately 45 minutes.

When :- Wednesday, 13th December

Time:- 16:00 Central European Time/ 10:00 Eastern Standard Time


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