SCCM ConfigMgr CB 1707 Preview Upgrade Video Tutorial

SCCM/ConfigMgr CB 1707 preview version got released last week. I had a pleasure to upgrade my SCCM CB 1706 preview version to 1707. As expected this was a straight forward process for me. I didn’t see any issues during the upgrade process of SCCM CB 1707. In this post, we see SCCM ConfigMgr CB 1707 Preview Upgrade Video Tutorial.

Step by Step Video Tutorial to upgrade SCCM CB 1706 to 1707 Preview – here

Preview versions of SCCM CB should NOT be deployed to a production environment. This is similar to Windows insiders program which helps SCCM admins to test the new features of SCCM CB. Before installing this version of the technical preview, you can go through the limitations of SCCM CB version here.

SCCM ConfigMgr CB 1707 Preview Upgrade Video Tutorial

What are the New Features introduced in SCCM CB 1707 Preview?

Windows Defender application guard policies for Windows 10 RS3 and PowerShell Script parameter investments are my favorite features of SCCM CB 1707 preview version.

Client Peer Cache support for express installation files for Windows 10 and Office 365
Surface Device dashboard
  Percent of Surfaces
  Percent of Surface models
  Top five operating system versions
Configure and deploy Windows Defender Application Guard policies for Windows 10 RS3
Add parameters when you deploy PowerShell scripts

SCCM ConfigMgr CB 1707 Preview Upgrade Video Tutorial

Known Issues with SCCM CB 1707 Upgrade

SCCM CB 1707 upgrade process is not changed much. It’s same as the preview SCCM CB preview upgrades. There are new features introduced in this preview version. There are some known issues with an upgrade when you have a passive primary server installed.  The issue is only application for the SCCM environment with 1706 TP and used the site server always on feature that means passive site server was configured.

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