Uninstall Remove SCCM Primary Site | ConfigMgr CB

So why do you want to uninstall/remove your primary site? What if the SCCM CB primary is there in your LAB environment and you want to get rid of it? Ok then that is fine, go ahead and remove. But you can delete the entire virtual machine and create a new one. Isn’t it? That is a cleaner way of setting up a new lab environment.

In this video tutorial, I’m going to show you how you can remove or uninstall SCCM/ConfigMgr Current Branch Primary site. This is a standalone SCCM CB primary site and I don’t have much data on the site. So again log file related to SCCM CB primary site server uninstallation is also ConfigMgrsetup.log.

So what is the list of Tasks that SCCM CB primary site uninstallation program will go through:-

1. Evaluating setup environment
2. Cleaning up replication
3. Uninstalling DP role
4. Uninstalling Cloud role
5. Uninstalling clients
6. Removing inbox definitions
7. Uninstalling services ( It took Longest time ;))
8. Uninstalling SQL server Database done
9. Cleaning Active Directory
10. Removing files
11. Uninstalling SMS Provider
12. Cleaning Registry
13. Deleting program group

Learn How to Uninstall Remove SCCM ConfigMgr CB Primary Site

P.S…As part of SCCM CB primary server uninstallation process, I could see “SMS_Server_BootStrap_CMCBTP” service got┬ákicked off ……


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