Windows 11 KB5019961 and KB5019980 November 2022 Patch Tuesday

Microsoft released Windows 11 KB5019961 and KB5019980 with a lot of bug fixes. There is some known issue with Oct patches that is still not fixed. The issue not fixed with Windows 11 Nov LCU is Domain join processes may fail with the error “0xaac (2732).”

Windows 11 22H2 version is released recently. There are multiple methods to migrate to Windows 11 22H2. However, there is no Enablement Package KB (EKB – KB5015684) to upgrade Windows 11 22H2, unlike Windows 10 21H2 to 22H2.

You can use SCCM or Intune methods to upgrade to Windows 11 22H2. There are different KB articles for Windows 11 November 2022 Cumulative Updates (CUs). The KB articles are for Windows 11 21H2 and 22H2.

You can go to Windows 11 Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update. Sometimes you have to seek updates using the Check for Updates button. You will find the link to download and install the update.

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Known Issues from Windows 11 KB5019961 and KB5019980

Check the current status of known issues after the last patch update on Nov 2022 CU for Windows 11 devices. There are only two issues that are pending/outstanding, as you can see below. There are only two outstanding known issues with Windows 11 that Microsoft documents.

Known IssueStatusOriginating KBOriginating BuildOriginating DateLast Updated
Domain join processes may fail with the error “0xaac (2732)ConfirmedKB501841822621.674Oct 11th 2022Oct 27th 2022
An update might fail to install, and you might receive a 0x800f0922 errorInvestigatingKB501217022000.850August 9th 2022Oct 18th 2022
Sign in failures and other issues related to Kerberos authenticationOOB Patches Released for DCKB5019961 and KB501998022000.819
8th Nov 2022NA
Found after this update we have multiple users complaining when they click start they can’t type anything in the search too via Andy Smith-BeamanNot confirmedKB5019961 and KB501998022000.819
Database connections using Microsoft ODBC SQL Server driver might failConfirmedKB5019959 & KB501996122621.819 and 22000.12198th Nov 2022
KB5019961 and KB5019980 – Table 3

New features with Windows 11 KB5019961 and KB5019980

All these features are included in the latest Cumulative Update released on patch Tuesday, 8th Nov 2022. Let’s go through all the new features of the Windows 11 22H2 (21H2) November LCUs.

Fixed IssuesRemark
Windows File Explorer Multiple Tab got enabled with Nov CU on 8th Nov 2022Windows 11 File Explorer Tabs Experience
Windows 11 22H2 LCU KB5019980 Enhancement with Snap LayoutTackle complex tasks with enhancements to Snap layouts (including the ability to snap multiple browser tabs in Microsoft Edge), Focus sessions, and performance and battery optimizations
22H2 improvement – Windows Studio Effects improves video and audio callsThis includes Voice Focus to filter out background noise and make sure you are heard. There’s also Background Blur to ensure that only you are seen
22H2 delivers performance optimizations to improve latencyThis unlocks features like Auto HDR and Variable Refresh Rate on windowed games
Clipchamp is now an inbox app for Windows 11, making video editing fun and simple with templates, effects, and more.New Windows 11 Clipchamp Video Editor | User Guide
Search visual treatments on the taskbar to improve discoverabilityThis is initially available to a small audience, and some devices might notice different graphic treatments as we gather feedback.
Improved the backup experience when using your Microsoft Account (MSA)Is this available to a small audience initially?
Enhancement in Microsoft Account (MSA) experience in Settings AppYou can manage your Microsoft OneDrive subscription and related storage alerts
Task Manager to the context menu when you right-click the taskbarThis feature will roll out in the coming weeks.
Updated Windows kernel vulnerable driver blocklist that is in the DriverSiPolicy.p7b fileThis update also ensures that the blocklist is the same across Windows 11
This update enables the ms-appinstaller Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) to work for the DesktopAppInstallerDesktopAppInstaller helps to convert Win32 apps to a Universal Windows App
Windows 11 KB5019961 and KB5019980 November 2022 Patch Tuesday – Table 1

Fixes with Windows 11 KB5019961 and KB5019980

Look at the fixes released with November 2022 patch Tuesday Cumulative Update KB5019961 and KB5019980 for Windows 11 devices. The below table has most of the fixes coming with the latest Cumulative Update (LCU).

Fixed IssuesRemark
It fixed the issue affecting Distributed Component Object Model (DCOM) authentication hardening.It automatically raises the authentication level for all non-anonymous activation requests from DCOM clients to RPC_C_AUTHN_LEVEL_PKT_INTEGRITY
Fixed the issue that stops the credential UI from displaying in IE mode when you use Microsoft EdgeIE Mode – Configure Enterprise Mode Site List To Use IE Mode
Fixed the issue that might fail to sync the audio when you record gameplay using the Xbox Game Bar.Windows 11 Xbox Game Bar issue is fixed
Fixed the issue that affects File ExplorerIt is less dependable when you browse Microsoft OneDrive folders
Fixed the issue that affects the button style BS_PUSHLIKEButtons that have this style are difficult to identify against a dark background
Fixed issue that affects Microsoft Edge when it is in IE Mode.The titles of pop-up windows and tabs are wrong.

Fixed issue that affects the lasso tool in a graphics editing program.lasso tool is similar to Snipping Tool
Fixed the issue that affects the Server ManagerIt might reset the wrong disk when several disks have the same UniqueId
Fixed the issue that affects the CopyFile functionIt returns ERROR_INVALID_HANDLE instead of ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND when it is called with an invalid source file
 Fixed the issue that affects the Start menuIt stops working when you use keyboard commands to move pinned items to a folder at the end of a list
Windows 11 KB5019961 and KB5019980 November 2022 Patch Tuesday – Table 2

SCCM Windows 11 KB5019961 and KB5019980 Deployment

Learn how to Deploy Windows 11 KB5019961 and KB5019980 November 2022 Cumulative Updates using SCCM/WSUS. You can deploy Windows 11 November 2022 CU KBs using Intune or SCCM.


Using the following methods, you can create a monthly patch package for November 2022. You can also search with Windows 11 LCU for November 2022 KB5019961 and KB5019980. The easiest way is to check from the SCCM admin console.

NOTE! – You can verify the Windows 11 versions (OS Builds , and ) by installing November 2022 Latest Cumulative Updates.

  • Navigate to \Software Library\Overview\Software Updates\All Software Updates.
  • You will need to initiate a WSUS Sync from the All Software Updates node (Right-click on the node and initiate the sync).
  • Search with the following KB5019961 and KB5019980 Numbers.
  • Or you can search with 22-11 Cumulative Update for Windows 11, as shown in the below screenshot.
Windows 11 KB5019961 and KB5019980 November 2022 Patch Tuesday Fig. 1
Windows 11 KB5019961 and KB5019980 November 2022 Patch Tuesday Fig. 1

The following table gives details of all the KBs articles released on 13th September 2022.

Windows 11 KB5019961 and KB5019980 – Title Nov 2022 Patch TuesdayArticle IDRelease Date
2022-11 Cumulative Update for Windows 11 for x64-based Systems (KB5019961)501996111-08-2022 18:00
2022-11 Cumulative Update for Windows 11 Version 22H2 for x64-based Systems (KB5019980)501998011-08-2022 18:00
Windows 11 KB5019961 and KB5019980 November 2022 Patch Tuesday – Table 2.1

Intune Windows 11 KB5019961 and KB5019980 Deployment

Let’s check how to deploy the Windows 11 KB5019961 and KB5019980 November 2022 Patch Tuesday (LCU) Deployment using Intune. You can deploy Windows 11 Nov CU using Microsoft Intune. The patch deployment process in Microsoft Intune is different from that of SCCM.

I don’t think creating a new patch deployment policy to cater to monthly CU deployments for Windows 11 is mandatory, but you can use the following method to expedite. The existing patch deployment policy will deliver the patches using WUfB (Windows Update for Business).

Read More – Software Update Patching Options with Intune Setup Guide (

You can expedite the Installation of November 2022 quality updates if the device OS version is less than 2022.07. Create expedited update profiles for Quality updates using the following steps.

  • Open
  • Navigate Device -> Windows 10 quality Updates (preview).
  • Click on + Create Profile.

The following are the Settings for Intune quality update profile for the Windows 11 monthly patching process if you want to expedite the deployment of patches. Otherwise, you can use the standard quality updates policy from Intune.

  • Name – November 2022 LCU for Windows 11 KB5019961 and KB5019980.
  • Description— I would recommend adding a detailed description.
  • Expedite installation of quality updates if the device OS version is less than 13th November 2022 – 2022.11 B Security Updates for Windows 10 and later
  • Number of days to wait before the restart is enforced – 1 Day

More Details on Zero Day Out Of Band Patch Deployment Using Intune MEM Expedite Best Option and Intune Reporting Issue: Expedite Windows Security Patch Deployment.

Windows 11 KB5019961 and KB5019980 November 2022 Patch Tuesday - Fig. 2
Windows 11 KB5019961 and KB5019980 November 2022 Patch Tuesday – Fig. 2

Windows 11 KB5019961 and KB5019980 Direct Download Links

Let’s manually download the 2022 November Cumulative Update for Windows 11 (KB5019961 & KB5019980) from the Microsoft Update Catalog website. The following tables provide the direct links to download the November 2022 Cumulative Updates for Windows 10.

You can check the Microsoft Update Catalog portal to get the Windows 11 LCUs direct download links to the hotfixes for Nov 2022 LCU. Check this out Microsoft Update Catalog –

TitleProductsSizeDirect Download
2022-11 Cumulative Update for Windows 11 Version 22H2 for x64-based Systems (KB5019980)Windows 11, version 22H2349.7 MBDownload
2022-11Cumulative Update for Windows 11 Version 21H2 for x64-based Systems (KB5019961)Windows 11, version 21H2308.4 MBDownload
Windows 11 KB Patch Tuesday November 2022 – Table 3


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