Do You Know about Cloud Version of SCOM OpsMgr

Have you ever heard about reliable and enterprise level monitoring solution in cloud? It would be better if you’ve a SCOM OpsMgr published in cloud, isn’t it ? Yes, we already have cloud version of SCOM/OpsMgr and it’s called Tibanna. You don’t need to install SCOM servers and Management Packs to monitor your server and workstation environments. Not only servers and workstations, you can also monitor Tablets, such as Microsoft Surface ! Tibanna is not just SCOM/OpsMgr in cloud but lot more than that. Tibanna is a solution from BridgeWays ! In my experience Installing, configuring, Fine Tuning and Maintaining Management Packs are more difficult than just installing SCOM. I hope, future versions of Tibanna will cover SCCM /ConfigMgr monitoring as well.


Once you subscribe to the Tibanna solution, an agent is placed on your network. Tibanna is a website hosted in cloud (similar to all other cloud solutions), with “this” website you can monitor all your enterprise devices ! Isn’t it very cool and easy? What do you need to install on premises devices? Just a client agent and that is it !! Rest everything is managed from the cloud solution. Tibanna raises an alert for every issue arising, It offers a solution for every alert we raise and it provides an explanation for every solution we offer. Two know more about Tibanna and live demo click here.


 Another Features of Tibanna

 Alert Generation and Management
 Intuitive User Interface
 Computer Health State
 Knowledge Base Articles
 Permission-Based Administration
 Ticketing System
 Messaging System
 VMware Monitoring
 Any Windows Server® from 2003 SP2 & up.
 Any workstation from Windows Vista SP2 & up.
 Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint®, Office, SQL Server® (coming soon), Hyper-V and so on.
 Tablets, such as Microsoft Surface™.

Tibanna Video 

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