How to Reduce the SCOM OpsMgr eMail Alert Storm

Personally, I don’t prefer to install and enable SCCM management pack on the SCOM servers because of the fear of email alerts!!  It is very common to see hundreds of emails a day generated by SCOM and most of them are informational etc. Is there any way to reduce SCOM email alerts/notification storm? Savision’s  Live Maps Unity  will help us to notify only when really necessary and provide a URL in the notification to the root cause details. Isn’t really cool? Dennis Rietvink published an article explains how you can configure SCOM alert notifications to include a URL to the Live Maps Unity service map in an email.


Following are the 3 scenarios of explained in the above mentioned post :-

1.Creating a SMTP channel that formats and sends the service alert emails
2.Creating valid Subscriber that will receive the service alert emails
3.Creating a Subscription that scopes the service alert emails

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