Intune SCCM Certification Learning Exams

Let’s more know about Intune SCCM Certifications or Exams. I get many questions about SCCM/Intune/WVD exams and certifications. Hope this post would be helpful to understand the learning strategy from Microsoft for ConfigMgr, Intune, and WVD.


Microsoft learning strategy is changed from the product ( ConfigMgr/Intune/WVD) based exams to role (architect/desktop admin/help desk admin) based exams. So you won’t get any product based exams anymore. The better starting point is explained in the List of Microsoft 365 Certification Exams and Cost Details.

As you can see in the below screen capture there is no specialty related certification /exam in Microsoft 365 section. Even there is no specialty certification in the Dynamics 365 section as well.

Intune SCCM Certification Learning Exams
Intune SCCM Certification Learning Exams

Types of Certifications

As per Microsoft docs, you can see that there are three (3) types of Microsoft certifications:

Patch My PC
  • Fundamentals certifications
  • Role-based certifications
  • Additional certifications

Learning Path for Endpoint Manager & WVD

All the products like Microsoft Endpoint Manager (SCCM & Intune) and Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) come under Microsoft 365 umbrella. Hence if you want to take the certification on any of the technologies like SCCM/Intune/WVD, you need to start learning Microsoft 356 learning path.

Learn more at: –

List of SCCM Intune Exams

The following are the list of exams available under Microsoft 365. I take the exams listed down related to modern desktop management for Intune and SCCM.

1E Nomad
  • MD-100 + MD-101 👉 Modern Desktop Administrator Associate (ConfigMgr / Intune Exam)
  • MS-700 👉Teams Administrator Associate
  • MS-203 👉 Messaging Administrator Associate
  • MS-500 👉 Security Administrator Associate
  • MS-100 + MS-101 👉 Enterprise Administrator Expert (ConfigMgr / Intune Exam)
  • MS-900 👉 Microsoft 365 Fundamentals
  • MS-500 👉 Microsoft 365 Security Administrator Associate
Intune SCCM Certification Learning Exams
Intune SCCM Certification Learning Exams

Additional Tips

Let’s checkout some additional tips for Microsoft learning and clearing exams.

* Expert Certification

🔒 The certification has prerequisites

🤦‍♀️🤦🏿‍♂️Exam Requirements

Intune SCCM Certification Learning Exams
Intune SCCM Certification Learning Exams


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