Video Tutorial How to Install SCCM ConfigMgr Current Branch Primary Server

This is another video tutorial this will help you understand the process of SCCM ConfigMgr Current Branch Primary server installation. I’m using SCCM CB TP version 1603 in this video. For Tech Preview, we can only install SCCM CB Primary server. We can’t install¬†CAS with SCCM CB TP version ūüôā We can install only one version and that is English, can’t select other languages during the installation if it’s Technical preview version of SCCM CB.¬†Don’t forget to open log file ConfigMgrSETUP.log¬†with CMTrace.exe¬†and see the progress of the SCM CB primary server installation.

How to Install SCCM ConfigMgr Current Branch Primary Server

¬†So while we were away … the SCCM ConfigMgr CB was busy installing configuring loads of things¬† !!!!¬† I’ve listed down all the tasks which the installer had completed for us !!!
1. Evaluating Setup environment
2. Evaluating and installing configuration manager dependencies
3. Generating public key and SQL Server Certificate
4. Removing pre-existing Configuration Manager services and registry Keys
5. Setting up server accounts
6. Updating registry
7. Setting up the SQL server database
8. Copying files
9. Installing SMS Provider
10.Installing registry
11.Monitoring replication initialization
12.Installing Site Component Manager
13.Monitoring components installation
14.Monitoring server roles installation
15.Installing services
16.Installing Component Monitor
17.Installing SMS Executive
18.Installing Database Notification Monitor
19.Installing Site Control Manager
20.Installing Hierarchy Manager
21.Installing Inbox Manager
22.Installing Policy Provider
23.Installing boot image package
24.Configuring data replication service
25.Installing Configuration Manager Console
26.Creating program group
So total 26 tasks completed by SCCM CB primary installer !!¬†All are GREEN !!¬†Let’s have look at post config tasks ….

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