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SCCM third-party software updates SCUP Troubleshooting

SCCM Third-Party Software Updates SCUP Troubleshooting Part-2

Microsoft has added the outstanding feature "Third Party Software Updates" in SCCM, but still, you have some dependency on SCUP, or...
List of Free SCCM Custom Catalogs Home

List of Free SCCM Catalogs for Third-Party Software Updates

I have explained third-party software updates setup in the previous post. I would recommend reading third-party patching setup guide. In this post,...
Setup SCCM Third-Party Updates - Home

SCCM Third-Party Software Updates Setup Step by Step Guide Post 1

SCUP helped many of us to deploy third-party software updates for many years. Now, SCCM doesn't require SCUP to deploy Third-party updates....
SCCM 3rd Party Patching

The Missing Puzzle Piece in SCCM 3rd Party Patching Live Free Webinar

The Missing Puzzle Piece in SCCM 3rd Party Patch management webinar is coming soon. This webinar will give you an opportunity interact...
SCCM Automation

SCCM Task Automation Application Deployment Updates – Patch My PC Review 2

This post is the continuation of "SCCM Application Creation Automation - Patch My PC Review 1." In this post, Review #2, you...
Patch Chrome with SCCM

Patch Chrome with SCCM 3rd Party Software Update Feature

You can patch Chrome with SCCM 3rd Party Software Update Feature. In this post, you will see the details about how to...