Troubleshoot SCCM Issues with SuperFlow – A Newbie Guide

I have a post which talks about troubleshooting steps for newbies with flowcharts. SCCM flowcharts are the best place to understand the workflow/dataflow/process of each SCCM components. More details in the following post SCCM ConfigMgr Troubleshooting Steps for Newbies with Flowcharts. In this post, we will see “Troubleshooting SCCM Issues with SuperFlow – A Newbie Guide.”

Video Tutorial SCCM SuperFlow Installation & Walkthrough – here

Content of this post:-

What is SCCM SuperFlow?
Learn SCCM Client Installation process with SuperFlow
Learn SCCM Client Assignment Process with SuperFlow
Learn SCCM Backup Process with SuperFlow
Learn SCCM Restore Process with SuperFlow
Download SCCM SuperFlows

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What is SCCM SuperFlow?

The SuperFlow is a content model which is interactive. The SCCM SuperFlow provides an interactive content model in a structured way for viewing documentation. Each SuperFlow includes comprehensive information about a specific SCCM dataflow, workflow, or process.

SCCM SuperFlow Contains :-

  • Detailed Information
  • Procedures
  • Sample Log entries
  • Best practices
  • Real-world scenarios
  • Troubleshooting information
  • Security information
  • Animations

Learn SCCM Client Installation process

The CCMSetup process superflow explains you to understand the process that CCMSetup uses to install SCCM client.

ConfigMgr SCCM Troubleshooting Newbies Guide with SuperFlow

CCMSetup client install flow is not updated for SCCM CB version. But, it’s better to get basics right about the installation of SCCM Client. When you have a problem with SCCM client installation then, this superflow will help you to troubleshoot and resolve the issue. 

There are two log files associated with this CCMSetup superflow and SCCM client installation process. SCCM client setup file “CCMSetup.exe” searches for SCCM Management Point (then Distribution Point) server for rest of client installation and prerequisite files.

  • CCMSetup.log
  • Client.MSI.log

Learn SCCM Client Assignment Process with SuperFlow

Once the SCCM client is installed successfully on a workstation then, the client assignment starts. The client will be able to receive the policies from the server after the client assignment to a particular SCCM site.

ConfigMgr SCCM Troubleshooting Newbies Guide with SuperFlow _Client Assignment

SCCM client is considered as an unmanaged device when the client is installed successfully, but this is not assigned to a site. There are two methods in client assignment. Those are the manual assignment and auto-site assignment. These two methods are explained in the SCCM client superflow.

Learn SCCM Backup Process with SuperFlow

SCCM backup process is changed in SCCM CB. Microsoft fully supports SQL backup and no need to take SCCM full backup. But, in some scenarios, we still need SCCM full backup. SCCM backup SuperFlow helps to understand the process of SCCM full backup.

ConfigMgr SCCM Troubleshooting Newbies Guide with SuperFlow-Backup Process

SCCM backup initiated by a scheduled maintenance task or manually starting SCCM backup service. Once backup service is started then, the backup snapshot destination will be prepared, and backup logging will get started.

The SMS VSS writer (SMS_SITE_VSS_WRITTER) and SQL server VSS writer (SMS_SITE_SQL_BACKUP) services will be triggered as part of SCCM backup. These two services will help to trigger VSS snapshot for site settings and site database. More troubleshooting details available in Smswriter.log file.

Learn SCCM Restore Process with Super Flow

I have explained steps to restore an SCCM CB site in the following video tutorial. You can go through the post  “Video Tutorials on SCCM ConfigMgr Current Branch Backup and Recovery.

ConfigMgr SCCM Troubleshooting Newbies Guide with SuperFlow-Restore Process

The first in the process is to specify the backup files to restore. Backup patch will be verified by SCCM to understand whether you have a valid backup. Site data and SQL database will be verified and restored.

SCCM Troubleshooting help :- Download SuperFlows 

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  1. Hi Anoop,
    The Super flows which were downloaded in this video are of SCCM 2007 right. From newbie point of view, How valid are these super flows with the current Branch.
    Do we have any updated super flows referencing SCCM 2012 and CBs.



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