List of SCCM 2111 Known Issues and Fixes

Microsoft released the SCCM 2111 version back on December 2, 2021. Let’s check and understand the list of SCCM 2111 known issues shared by the community and documented by Microsoft.

I will also update this post with the latest KB articles or hotfixes for the 2111 version of SCCM.

You can also check out our 2111 upgrade guide to know more about the latest version prerequisites and top 5 features of ConfigMgr 21111. The most critical piece of prerequisite is the Dot Net 4.6.2.

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You must upgrade the .Net version installed on all the SCCM Site Servers (CAS and Primary), Site System servers, and Client before upgrading the SCCM infra and Client to the newest version 2111. Step by step guide to fix SCCM Dot NET Version Error During Prerequisite Checks.

The latest version of ConfigMgr 2111 contains fixes and feature improvements compared with the previous versions. I have already included the list of fixes coming with the 2111 version in the below section of this post.

I have included a table of fixes that are part of the 2111 version of ConfigMgr for easy understanding. Those fixes are known issues with the earlier versions of SCCM.

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List of SCCM 2111 Hotfixes

Let’s check the hotfixes released for the Configuration Manager 2111 production version. I will update this list whenever Microsoft releases new hotfixes for 2111.

  • KB12709700 for SCCM 2111 Early Ring (applicable only for SCCM 2111 downloads before 20th Dec 2021).
  • SCCM 2111 Hotfix KB12959506 Client Update
List of SCCM 2111 Hotfixes
SCCM 2111 Known Issues and Fixes – List of SCCM 2111 Hotfixes

SCCM 2111 Known Issues Highlighted by Community

I think SCCM 2111 is pretty stable, or many IT admins are not trying this because of the holiday season, changes freeze, etc. I have noticed a couple of known issues in Twitter and other places reported by the community.

NOTE! – We have not tested any of the following issues. This list is just for awareness. If you see similar issues or any other issues with the 2111 version, you can report back here in the comments section.

  • One of them is related to the SCCM admin console performance but I don’t think it’s directly related to SCCM 2111 upgrade.
  • SCCM 2111 break deploying a Task Sequences as Apps? I don’t know whether this issues is wide spread or only for that particular SCCM environment. I can’t see this is been reported by anyone else. Let me know in the comments if you see this issue with SCCM 2111.
  • Apps are missing in Software Center after SCCM 2111 upgrade – This is an unconfirmed issue.
SCCM 2111 Known Issues and Fixes
SCCM 2111 Known Issues Highlighted by Community

Fixed Issues with Early Ring version of SCCM 2111

The following is the list of known issues with the early ring version of SCCM 2111. Microsoft released an SCCM 2111 hotfix KB12709700 to fix the following bugs.

NOTE! – If you installed SCCM 2111 version on or after December 20, 2021, the hotfix KB12709700 is not applicable for your SCCM installation, and that could be the reason you are not able to see any hotfixes for the 2111 version in your console.

  • The SCCM 2111 client fails to install during the Windows Autopilot deployment process.
  • When setting up VPN boundaries based upon network adapters, the boundaries won’t work because the adapters are not resolving.
  • Adding or deleting an orchestration (server patching) post-installation script can cause the deletion of post-installation scripts from other orchestration groups.
  • Fixed the issue Unable to open SCCM console because extension installation loops.
 Fixed Issues with Early Ring version of SCCM 2111
Fixed Issues with Early Ring version of SCCM 2111

Issues Fixed with ConfigMgr 2111 Versions

The ConfigMgr 2111 known issues list is already shared in the above section. Let’s look at the fixes already available for the 2111 versions compared with the previous versions, such as SCCM 2107.

I have created a table with the fixes available in the 2111 version of SCCM. I have already covered 2107 issues, and you should take a look.

Some of the following are long pending issues, and even we can trackback to previous versions of ConfigMgr. So, it’s always better to upgrade your SCCM infrastructure to the latest version.

Issues Fixed with SCCM 2111 version
Secondary Server Install ErrorThe secondary site upgrade process may fail if the maximum SQL Express database size (10GB) is exceeded due to unnecessary data replication.
Bitlocker Related BugInstallation of BitLocker management portals falls under either of the following conditions.
Client Push Installation IssuesClient push installation fails under the following conditions
Orchestration group IssuePost-installation scripts may run before a computer reboot, causing unexpected results during deployments.
Performance issues + Block Database reindexing IssueIn large environments, the process of uploading Endpoint Analytics data may block database reindexing tasks, leading to further performance issues.
State message processing IssuesState message processing may fail when the messages contain failure codes for Windows Feature Updates, such as error 0xC1900208.
Duplicate GUID IssueA client computer can steal the SCCM GUID of an Unknown Computer object during imaging
SCCM Patch Compliance Reporting IssuesThe Endpoint Protection and software updates compliance – Historical reports can contain inaccurate data where compliant devices are recorded as non-compliant.
AD Forest Discovery IssueThe AD Forest Discovery method fails if it receives a “The server is not operational” exception during the discovery process. The Discovery is being aborted due to an unexpected exception.
Task Sequence App Install failure for dependant/nested TSThe availability of a service window is incorrectly checked when a dependent/ nested task sequence runs for a user. This leads to application deployment failures if a computer restart happens after the initial top-level task sequence runs.
Full database reinitialization issue during the SCCM UpgradeFull database reinitialization may happen for a primary site during the update process because of a timing issue.
SCCM MP install Failure issue because of Visual C++The management point role fails to install on a server if the Visual C++ runtime is newer than version 14.28.
SCCM client Security Events IssuesSCCM clients generate Event ID 4662 entries in the security event log every 30 seconds when the Audit Other Object Access Events policy is configured.
AADJ joined SCCM Client Registration Issues fixedThe client registration process for Azure Active Directory-joined clients is improved to increase efficiency and reduce the likelihood of state message processing backlogs.
SCCM state message processing Issues fixedLogging associated with state message processing is improved to include filenames by default, improving the ability to troubleshoot processing issues.
Remote SCCM Admin Console Connection errorRemote Configuration Manager consoles may display a connection error when returning after a period of inactivity.
Windows Feature Update Task Sequence FailedA task sequence that installs a Windows feature update may fail on slower computers. The feature update does install correctly, but the task sequence fails after a computer restart.
SCCM Content Library Move Button Disabled IssueThe Move button is disabled in the console if you previously moved the content library to a network share and attempt to move it to a new share.
The list of Known issues fixed with the SCCM 2111 version


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4 thoughts on “List of SCCM 2111 Known Issues and Fixes”

  1. Apps are missing in Software Center after SCCM 2111 upgrade – This is an unconfirmed issue.

    Seems to be playing up in our environment. Adding an administrative comment to the missing apps seems to fix this.

    • Hi Roy,
      Could you tell me more about fixing. I caught it after upgrading to 2107 version.
      For now my workaround is a deploying apps to User collection.

      • Go to the Software Library node -> Application Management -> Applications. Right click an application, select properties and add something to the Administrator comments field. Click ok and repeat on other apps. You can also do this via powershell if you have many applications.

        After we did this all our applications were being deployed via Task Sequence again and everything showed up in Software Center as well.

  2. What about client installation on Windows 8.1 with TPM? On 2107, the client is not installing correctly because MS change the way certificates are managed. Now we need to import a registry key to install the client but if you uninstall/reinstall the client the issue is back again.
    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



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