ConfigMgr 2203 Known Issues and Fixes

Let’s discuss the ConfigMgr 2203 known issues and fixes available. Microsoft has not shared any known issues with SCCM 2203 version. I have checked the release notes, where they normally highlight the known issues with each version of SCCM.

Most of the known issues documented in release notes are of the SCCM version 2107, and some are there for the 2111 version. So this is a piece of good news. It seems the ConfigMgr 2203 version is very stable!

I have checked the community forums and social media channels to find buzz around bugs or known issues with the 2203 version of Configuration Manager (aka MEMCM). Nothing to highlight from there as well.

Patch My PC

Microsoft released a hotfix KB13953025 to fix 5 known issues with SCCM 2203 early ring version. So if you have installed the early ring version of 2203, you must install the KB mentioned above to fix the issues.

Read More -> SCCM Deprecated Features | Removed Features

List of Hotfixes Available for ConfigMgr 2203 Version

Let’s list the hotfixes, KB Articles, or Rollup updates available for the ConfigMgr 2203 version. I will keep updating the hotfix list whenever Microsoft releases new KB articles.

Microsoft released the first hotfix KB13953025 for ConfigMgr 2203 on 3rd May 2022. The rollup update for the Configuration Manager 2203 version is expected within 3 months of the initial release (June end or July first week). The MEMCM 2203 got released on 08th April 2022.

  1. KB13953025First Hotfix for ConfigMgr 2203 Applicable Only for the Fast Ring
  2. Coming Soon
  3. Coming Soon
ConfigMgr 2203 Known Issues and Fixes 1
ConfigMgr 2203 Known Issues and Fixes 1

Hotfixes Already Included in the Global Release of ConfigMgr 2203

The following is the list of hotfixes already Included in the Global Release of ConfigMgr 2203. This means all issues highlighted in those hotfixes are fixed with the release of 2203. This is great news!

  • KB10096997 Summary of changes in ConfigMgr 2111
  • KB12709700 Update for ConfigMgr 2111
  • KB12959506 Client update for ConfigMgr 2111
  • KB12819689 Connected cache update for ConfigMgr 2111
  • KB12896009 Update rollup for ConfigMgr 2111
ConfigMgr 2203 Known Issues and Fixes 2
ConfigMgr 2203 Known Issues and Fixes 2

The following table provides the list of improvements and fixed issues with the 2203 version of ConfigMgr. Spend some time understanding the issue highlighted in the table.

Let’s look at the improvement that Microsoft introduced into the 2203 version before looking into ConfigMgr 2203 Known Issues.

Some of the following are long pending issues, and even we can track back to previous versions of ConfigMgr. So, it’s always better to upgrade your ConfigMgr infrastructure to the latest version.

Issues Fixed with SCCM 2203 version
Collection Evaluation ImprovementsThe collection evaluation process is optimized during the startup of the SMS_Executive service (smsexec.exe) to reduce the overall time required to complete evaluations.
Pull DP Issue 500 threadsThe SMS Agent Host service (CCMExec.exe) hangs in a Stop Pending state on clients configured as pull-distribution points.
PowerShell CMDLets IssuesThe Get-CMSoftwareUpdateDeployment and Get-CMSoftwareUpdateDeploymentStatus PowerShell cmdlets do not run as expected under the context of an account with the Software Update Manager role.
vLog SQL Query Parsing IssuesSQL queries against the vLogs view can fail with an XML parsing error which delays data replication service troubleshooting efforts.
FailoverManager.log Ambiguous log EntriesThe FailoverManager.log file is improved to remove ambiguous log entries related to site certificates.
State message processing IssuesState message processing is now more resilient to intermittent SQL errors.
Client Health Dashboard IssuesThe Client Health Dashboard is updated to reduce false negatives related to status messages.
Package Distribution DelaysThe Distribution Manager component of the SMS_Executive service on a child site makes unnecessary network calls back to the parent site for package source details such as file size.
ADR Filter IssuesThe content size filter for an automated deployment rule does not return any results when an exact value is used instead of a comparison.
Company Portal IssuesUser available programs are incorrectly shown under the Featured section in the company portal.
High impact task sequence notification IssueOpening a software center notification from the system tray icon bypasses the high-impact task sequence notification.
SCCM Workgroup client’s Approval IssueStarting with SCCM 2107, newly installed workgroup clients are not automatically approved as expected in environments using PKI-issues certificates.
Co-Managed Clients IssueCo-managed clients no longer receive Intune Win32 content via the Microsoft Connected Cache feature.
Wmiprvse.exe exceeded handle quota limit IssueAutomated queries against the SMSCOMPONENTS WMI class may eventually fail. Event ID 5612 is generated
Microsoft .NET Framework Prerequisite CheckerThe Recommended version of Microsoft .NET Framework prerequisite checker warning is updated to clarify requirements.
CMG Error Error – 0x8020002c IssueFiles larger than 4GB fail to download from a CMG when the BranchCache feature is enabled.
Failed progress UI (0x80040154) ErrorDue to a timing issue, OSD task sequences may fail to put the SCCM client into provisioning mode.
UpdateDeployment & DCMAgent logs IssuesImprovements for readability are made to the UpdateDeployment and DCMAgent log files.
Statistic initialization failed 0x87d00217 IssueThe SMS Agent Host service (CCMExec.exe) takes up more memory than expected on an MP if there is a problem reading the {MP_installation_directory}\Statistic\CurrentData file.
Active Directory discovery IssuesLogging for Active Directory discovery methods is improved to include more precise troubleshooting information, such as specific error codes if domain names fail to resolve.
Microsoft Code Signing PCA 2011 IssuesYou can now export the certificate from a computer where you’ve installed a Configuration Manager version 2203 site server. View the certificate on SMSInstallDir\cd.latest\SMSSETUP\BIN\X64\CMPivot.ps1. More details here.
TPM certs cab – 0x8009310b ErrorsAfter updating to SCCM 2111, the hman.log file contains an error 0x8009310b. This error does not affect normal site operations.
Could not find stored procedure IssueThe Run summarization task for a software update deployment fails to run on the CAS. The statesys.log contains an error resembling the following: Could not find stored procedure ‘spTask_SUM_AssignmentComplianceEvaluator.’
ConfigMgr 2203 Known Issues and Fixes 5

ConfigMgr 2203 Known Issues

Let’s check the ConfigMgr 2203 known issues from the below list. I have collected the know issues from the community and the hotfixes released for the 2203 version of ConfigMgr.

#1 – One of the ConfigMgr 2203 known issues for me is with ConfigMgr Console Dark Theme. The various wizards of the console are not dark theme enabled. This feels a bit weird from an admin experience perspective. As you know, Dark Theme is a pre-release feature, so this is expected!

ConfigMgr 2203 Known Issues and Fixes 3
ConfigMgr 2203 Known Issues and Fixes 3

#2 – ConfigMgr 2203 Known Issues – Failed to Resolve Task Sequence Dependencies 0x80040104 is reported by one of the users. You might encounter a prompt message Failed to Run Task Sequence while performing Operating System Deployment with SCCM Task Sequence.

I don’t know whether this is a known issue with the 2203 version of ConfigMgr or not. I can’t confirm this for now but keep an eye on this issue and report if you also see this issue after the 2203 upgrade.

Read More FIX SCCM Failed To Resolve Selected Task Sequence Dependencies Code 0x80040104

ConfigMgr 2203 Known Issues and Fixes 4
ConfigMgr 2203 Known Issues and Fixes 4

#3 – Known Issue with ConfigMgr 2203 is Schedule updates of Windows 11 Operating System Images. Somehow, the Windows 11 Cumulative Updates are not listed on Schedule Updates Wizard.

Read MoreAdd New Patches to OS Images using SCCM Schedule Updates Option

ConfigMgr 2203 Known Issues and Fixes 6
ConfigMgr 2203 Known Issues and Fixes 6

ConfigMgr 2203 Known Issues Fixed with KB13953025

Let’s check the 5 known issues fixed with ConfigMgr 2203 KB13953025. This is applicable only for the fast ring version of ConfigMgr.

  • The number of clients reporting an unhealthy state increases unexpectedly after installing an early update release of ConfigMgr 2203.
  • Windows Feature Updates do not apply as expected due to a timing condition during the SMS Agent Host service (CCMExec.exe).
  • Administrators cannot offboard from the Azure US Government Cloud because the checkbox for Upload to Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center is disabled.
  • The ConfigMgr Admin console terminates unexpectedly if you select the Community Hub node before the Documentation node finishes loading.
  • The Browse button on the collection picker for the Windows 10 servicing dashboard does not work. The SMSAdminUI.log contains errors resembling the following:
Webview: Win10ServicingHomePageScriptManager: An error occurred processing request type 'LaunchWizardCollectionPicker' error is InvalidOperationException : System.InvalidOperationException: The calling thread must be STA, because many UI components require this.


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