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Windows Autopilot is a framework by Microsoft to provision the Windows machines without going painful reimaging process.

Windows AutoPilot service is a collection of technologies to Simplify and automate Windows Out of Box Experience (OOBE experience).

There are three (3) scenarios in Windows AutoPilot. AutoPilot service helps the organization to Pre-configure New devices, Recover Devices, Re-purpose Devices, and Reset Devices.

This will eliminate business from creating golden image for all the new Windows 10 releases. Autopilot process with modern Windows servicing will make sure that your Windows device is always up to data and protected.

Modern device management should be agile and able to handle multiple flavors of devices for users.

Modern device management solutions should be able to manage and deploy SaaS applications, protect modern security threats, and apply security policies via MDM channel.

AutomationPro-Activeness, and Self Service are the other three (3) trigger points for modern device management.