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Windows update mechanism changes in the recent past are most confusing for me. I don’t think anyone is very clear about Microsoft’s strategy for Windows 10 updates.

In this post, I will share some tips about service Stack Updates, Windows Update Client, etc. (SSU WUA WaaS UUP).

12th Nov 2019 – You will get Windows 10 1909 as part of patch Tuesday. More details about Windows 10 1909 Deployment Enhancement Enablement Package.

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I’m sure you might be wondering about the difference between SSU, WUA, UUP, and CU updates apart from Windows 10 feature updates.

Another confusing terminology in Windows Updates world is WaaS. More details about WaaS are also available in the below section of the post.

More Detailed Community Discussions on SSU, CU, & UUP Windows Updates Discussion

  • SSU – Service Stack Update. These are Critical updates.
  • WUA – Windows Update Agent/Windows Update Client
  • CU – Cumulative Update
  • UUP – Unified Update Platform (limited preview)/Express Content
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Data Points

Let’s see more details about SSU WUA, UUP, and CU.


WUA (Windows Update Agent)

Data Point #1 The WUA is a subset of the SSU. (Thanks to Bryan, check the link to the post below). SSU is designed to update the Windows updating software itself.

More details on SSU and WUA – Excellent Post from Bryan Dam

SSU (Service Stack Update)

Data Point #2The SSU updates WUA, and all things around servicing changes to the Windows endpoint. (Thanks to Jay for the clear explanation)

NOTE! SSU & LCU are part of the Windows Cumulative update. I will share more details in the future post about the Windows update.

LCU + SSU = Quality Update - Credits to Microsoft Ignite Session by  Suma SaganeGowda
LCU + SSU = Quality Update – Credits to Microsoft Ignite Session by Suma SaganeGowda

Data Point #3 SSUs are considered a pre-requisite and recommended (even if not enforced via metadata on newer Windows 10 versions) before installing CUs. More Details from Microsoft Documentation.

UUP (Unified Update Platform)

Data Point #4 – UUP shall help to simplify all the above complex scenarios, or is it more to do with the “Delivery mechanism” overall Windows update experience? More details about UUP. Microsoft is still working to improve the UUP experience with some customers as per the KB article 4512745.

NOTE! Unified update platform (UUP) – This is one shop stop for all your Windows Update content. It’s available for Windows Business for Update (Intune). It is coming soon for SCCM and WSUS.

UUP SCCM WSUS Credits to Microsoft Ignite Session by  Suma SaganeGowda
Unified Update Platform (UUP) – Credits to Microsoft Ignite Session by Suma SaganeGowda

Data Point #5 – Are you confused about SSU and SCCM Related restarts. Read through the commentary by Scott Williams.

Data Point #6Install a Windows 10 SSU before the LCU using SCCM, an excellent post by MVP colleague Mike.

SSU WUA UUP CU SCCM - Might not be an Accurate representation
SSU WUA UUP CU SCCM – WARNING – Might not be an Accurate representation

Service Stack Updates – SSU Troubleshooting

Do you want to track more details about SSU? The following log shall provide insight on the update installation part in the servicing stack.

NOTE! Always try to install the most recent Servicing Stack Update (SSU) version that matches the Windows 10 version.

Windows Updates Ramblings SSU WUA UUP CU WaaS SCCM Many More 1

Keep Track of SSU

You can keep track of the latest version of Service Stack Update (SSU)


WaaS for SCCM & Intune Admins

Maurice Daly & Paul Winstanley (MVP Colleagues) produced an excellent Windows as a Service technical ebook report. This eBook is targeted explicitly at Microsoft SCCM and Intune administrators. 

This report (eBook?) aims to help you plan and implement ways to make your life a lot easier—year after year.


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