2016 Top 10 Posts about SCCM ConfigMgr and Windows 10

In this post I’m going to list down my top 10 posts of the year 2016. It has been really an interesting years for me. Start of this year, I started concentrating on SCCM ConfigMgr + Intune hybrid scenario. Yeah SCCM team is making great progress in feature parity between Intune standalone and hybrid. It was an year where SCCM team was very close to the IT Pros community. SCCM team listened to the community feedback and loads of new features were integrated to the product in very short time frame. However, I would like to see zero day 100% parity between Intune Hybrid and standalone. If SCCM/Intune team is able to provide that parity then decision making between Intune standalone and hybrid will be not be very difficult. In the later part of the year 2016, my concentration is shifted towards Intune stand alone and Windows 10 MDM management. I should this is really an interesting and exciting journey for me !! My second MVP summit in Redmond was also a great experience for me. Veeam Vanguard summit in London was also an excellent experience for me. I started creating more and more videos (more details here) and that was interesting turn around for me.

                1.  How to Upgrade SCCM ConfigMgr Current Branch to Next Version 1511 to 1602               

                2.  SCCM 2007 2012 Support for Windows 10 Anniversary Update 1607

                3.   6 Tips to Improve Windows 10 Mobile Phone Battery Life

                4.  End of Support Dates for SCCM CB Current Branch 1511 1602 and 1606End of Support Dates for SCCM CB Current Branch 1511 1602 and 1606

                5.  Download the List of SCCM CB Firewall Communication Ports

                6.  How to Add Apps to Business Store and Install Intune Company Portal without Using MS Account 

                7.   Customize SCCM ConfigMgr without Scripting

                8.  How to Create and Deploy OMA DM Policy with SCCM Current Branch and Intune Hybrid 

                9. Feature Comparison Video Between SCCM ConfigMgr CB 1610 and 1606

              10.  SCCM ConfigMgr How to Convert Legacy BIOS to UEFI a Fully Supported Way 

Anoop's Top 10

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