What is Endpoint Security Configuration Management for Windows 10 Devices

Today’s security threat landscape is changed, and attacker’s motive has shifted toward making money by holding devices and data hostage until the owner pays the demanded ransom. This is what infamously known as Ransomware attacks. In this post, we will see “What is Endpoint Security Configuration Management for Windows 10 Devices”. Windows 10 version 1703 includes multiple security features that were created to make it difficult and costly to find and exploit.

This post will provide processes around the security configuration management for Windows 10 devices. Windows 10 mitigations that you can configure are:-

  • Windows Defender Smart Screen
  • Credential Guard
  • Enterprise certificate pinning
  • Device Guard
  • Windows Defender antivirus
  • Blocking of untrusted fonts
  • Memory protections
  • UEFI Secure Boot
  • Early Launch Antimalware (ELAM)
  • Device Health Attestation

What is Endpoint Security Configuration Management for Windows 10 Devices

What is Endpoint Security Configuration Management?

  • Making sure every endpoint is properly configured, including:
    • Windows registry settings and configuration files
    • All processes running that need to be for that user/role/system
    • Windows is patched with the latest security updates
    • All third-party software is updated
    • All anti-virus and anti-malware is up-to-date and running
    • All security scans are taking place on schedule
    • All internal policies for privacy of data is maintained
    • Any/all other security and compliance policies are enforce

A continuous process to catch up with security settings

  • The fallacy of “getting caught up
    • Security Configuration is NOT something you do when systems are first set up, or once in a while like every quarter or year
    • It must be done constantly. Systems can fall out of configuration compliance for any number of reasons
    • Unless you are validating the security configuration regularly, you cannot call your company secure .
    • You need to be caught up week, or in many cases

What is Endpoint Security Configuration Management for Windows 10 DevicesAutomation of Windows 10 security configuration management is must in the modern world. The automation process help us to keep out endpoint Windows 10 machines more secure. The need of automation in endpoint security configuration management is explained below.

The need for automation

  • You have too many systems and too little time
  • You need to automate endpoint security configuration management or it won’t get done – doing it manually is impossible
  • Scripting is not a full solution because it
    • Takes a great deal of IT staff time
    • Cannot be done fast enough to keep up with all the latest changes
    • Combines a lot of “one-off” tools instead of providing a comprehensive solution
    • Combines different scripting styles and tools, making version control and updates difficult

What is Endpoint Security Configuration Management for Windows 10 Devices

Adaptiva Client Health Automates Endpoint Security Configuration Management with:

  • Visual WorkFlow Designer to easily create extremely powerful programs that will:
    • Check for any/all aspects of endpoint security configuration
    • Automatically enforce compliance by updating systems as needed to become compliant
    • Provide beautiful dashboards for insightful analysis
    • Provide visual reports to help you see the results, and to share your success with the organization

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