Unified Update Platform Windows 10 UUP Content Streamline Post 2

In this post, you will see the investments in Windows 10 Unifiied Update Platform (Windows 10 UUP). This is the second one of this series of posts about Windows 10 Updates. This information is shared by Suma SaganeGowda & Steve Diacetis in the MS Ignite session. More details about Ignite session are below.

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Microsoft is aware that IT Pros are confused with Windows 10 update content sources. Microsoft is trying to streamline the Windows 10 update content mechanism.

Following are the different types of content in the Windows 10 update.

Patch My PC

Core Windows 10 OS content is divided into three(3) parts, as you can see below:

  • Core OS Bits
    • Feature Updates
      • Base Media
    • Fixes for Successful Feature Updates
      • Setup & Compact bug fixes
      • WinRE fixes
    • Quality Updates
      • LCU (Cumulative Update)
      • SSU (Service Stack Updates)

Windows 10 Extra Content is explained below:

  • Features on Demand (FoD)
  • Language Packs
    • Language packs (LPs)
    • Local Experience Packs (LXPs)
  • OEM Driver Updates/Fixes
Unified update platform (UUP)
Unified update platform (UUP)Enabled Content

NOTE! – I have a post to explain the difference between Windows 10 terminologies like SSU, WUA, UUP, and LCU.

What is the Unified update platform (UUP)

Unified Update Platform (UUP) is one shop stop for all your Windows 10 Update content. UUP is available for Windows Business for Update (Intune) and soon for SCCM and WSUS (On-prem).

  • Windows Updates – UUP Enabled by default
  • Windows Update for Business (Intune) – UUP Enabled by default in a controlled manner
  • WSUS/SCCM – Enables you to get Only Approved Quality Updates (Coming Soon)

Feature Enhancements with Unified Update Platform

  • Unified update platform (UUP) – This UUP Microsoft answer to streamline Windows 10 Update content is one shop stop for all your Windows Update content.
    • Feature update
    • Quality update (LCU)
    • Preserve language packs & Features on Demand (FoD)
    • Available for Windows 10 1809 or later
Windows 10 UUP Helps Windows 10 Updates
Windows 10 UUP Helps Windows 10 Updates

UUP with Intune (Windows Update for Business)

As I mentioned above, UUP is already enabled for Intune as part Windows Update for Business feature. Following are the capabilities you can leverage within Intune (Microsoft Endpoint Manager Intune).

  • Available – UUP Controls for Intune (Windows Update for Business)
    • Deployment timing (Deferral, deadlines)
    • Set active hours and scan Frequency
    • Deployment Management – Pause, Uninstall
  • Coming Soon (Preview Capabilities)
    • Feature Update Controls – Choose a version and stay put?
    • Expedite Quality Updates
    • Co-management – Driver and quality updates only from Windows Update for Business
Windows 10 UUP with Intune Microsoft Endpoint Manager
Windows 10 UUP with Intune Microsoft Endpoint Manager


UUP support for SCCM and WSUS is in private preview. Public preview and GA details are given below.

  • UUP On-Prem
    • works with SCCM and WSUS
    • Enables you to get only approved quality updates
  • Availability of UUP on-Prem SCCM/WSUS
    • Private Preview: NOW
    • Public Preview: Early 2020
    • Release: Sometime in the year 2020 (CY- Calendar year)
UUP updates in SCCM
UUP updates in SCCM

Media Upgrades IPU (Task Sequence – Dynamic Updates)

Media update content is another type of Windows 10 update content that Microsoft wants to produce for some scenarios like

  • Bare metal
  • Break-fix

NOTE! I explained more about the Windows 10 dynamic update in the previous post called “Basics of Windows Dynamic Update Explained Update Management.”

  • Media Upgrades with Task Sequence – Dynamic Updates
    • Dynamic Updates (content not on the media)
    • It makes it easier for setup to complete successfully
    • Enables you to get current and secure in one step
    • Ensures foods and LPs are preserved
  • Requires Internet Connectivity
    • Flexibility
    • Enable/Disable
    • Disable just LCU and Drivers
    • Can download separately and patch media – I have a post that explains more details about Windows 10 Dynamic Updates.

Session – Windows 10 UUP

Make the Windows update experience smooth and seamless for your IT team and end-users. More details https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/81684


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