How to Force Windows Phone Devices to Download SCCM 2012 Integrated Intune Policies Immediately

ConfigMgr or SCCM admins are very fond of actions called “Machine Policy Retrieval and Evaluation Cycle” & “User Policy Retrieval and Evaluation Cycle“. These options are there to make SCCM admins life easy. These options are used to force SCCM/ConfigMgr Client to download the user or machine based policies. So here is the question “where is this option for Intune clients” and “How can we force Windows Phone devices download the policy changes immediately“? In this post, I’m going to explain how can we force Windows Phone devices to immediately download Intune policies. By default, Windows Phones will connect to Microsoft Intune services every 8 hours to download policies.

Now Android (Google Play) and IOS Intune Company portal has Force policy Sync option. With this option users can check for new policies assigned to Android and IOS devices. Open the company portal application from device and select the device in use and tap on Sync button.

IOS force policy sync

In my lab, I’m using a hybrid solution of Microsoft Intune + SCCM 2012 R Cu3. So, I’m making policy changes on SCCM console and those changes should reach Intune services then only the updated policies will get delivered to Windows Phone devices. We need to make sure that the SCCM 2012 infrastructure is able to upload the policy change data to Microsoft Intune services. Where can we confirm that ? Nothing else the log files 🙂 DMPUploader.log is the log file where you can get the details about upload of the data from SCCM on premises environment to Microsoft Intune service.

Found sync start for replication group CloudDmp~~ $$<SMS_DMP_UPLOADER><11-21-2014 13:08:00.810-330><thread=4496 (0x1190)>
StartUpload for replication group CloudDmp last sync version 1249 ...~~ $$<11-21-2014 13:08:00.813-330><thread=4496 (0x1190)="">
Startload succeeded with transmission ID 4d7db6a6-f431-4b5e-b9f5-15ae5b0f63c5~~ $$<11-21-2014 13:08:12.113-330><thread=4496 (0x1190)="">
Expecting sync data or sync end message, however message type is DRS_SyncPing~~ $$<SMS_DMP_UPLOADER><11-21-2014 13:08:13.380-330><thread=4496 (0x1190)>
EndUpload transmission 4d7db6a6-f431-4b5e-b9f5-15ae5b0f63c5 final data version 1251 succeeded~~ $$<11-21-2014 13:08:14.561-330><thread=4496 (0x1190)="">

Follow the steps to Force Windows Phone devices to download Microsoft Intune Policies ASAP (Immediately)

1. Tap on Settings option in your Windows Phone 8.1

How to Speed up Windows Phone 8.1 Mobile Device Policy Refresh 1

2. Find out the Workplace option inside settings. Tap on Workplace

How to Speed up Windows Phone 8.1 Mobile Device Policy Refresh 2

3. Inside Workplace, tap on Enrollment UI “Anoop’S” in my example below.

How to Speed up Windows Phone 8.1 Mobile Device Policy Refresh 3

4. Inside Enrollment UI, tap on sync button as shown in the following picture.

How to Speed up Windows Phone 8.1 Mobile Device Policy Refresh 8

5. Once you tap on SYNC button your Windows Phone Device will start syncing your account with Intune Services.

Notice the last sync time of the device :- Last successful attempt to connect to the server is given as “Saturday, November 15, 2014 2:22:27 PM

How to Speed up Windows Phone 8.1 Mobile Device Policy Refresh 5

6. Once the Windows Phone Device is able to sync with Intune servers then you would be able see that Last Successful attempt to connect to the server timing will get updated.

Last Successful attempt to connect to the server : Thursday, November 20, 2014 1:43:55 PM

How to Speed up Windows Phone 8.1 Mobile Device Policy Refresh 6

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